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  1. AJ had about a .4% chance to win the hand after the flop
  2. not trusting my instincts, ie. like grindermj said calling when you know your beat, or not raising when you know you should.
  3. RunwayModel: thats my first suckout but i figured any 2, 3 or pair of the board or card over 9 gave me the hand or split pot i guessed rightEmpire2000: no ur just a donk who sees top pair and gets excitedbwhahahaha this was hilarious, when runway outdrew empire w/ A2 vs. A9, spiked a two on the river
  4. http://www.kathyliebert.com/kathythewoman.shtmllmao, kathy the woman, just in case you wern't sure (like most of us)
  5. lmao, hilariouswell done :green:
  6. straight flush to the 6 > straight flush to the 5
  7. i play for money, kinda have to when it's the only source of income
  8. don't know about any home games, but you could always make a day trip up to canterbury in minnesota. They have their fall poker classic upcoming as well. food for thought
  9. yea i definately hate that about the site. There has been a couple times where if I had more time to think i would have made the correct call instead of folding the best hand. Oh well
  10. it is a very good site. The really like the buy in's for the games, they offer a lot of room to play. Not too many real players on there either which is always a plus :twisted:
  11. pm me too, always looking for a game!!first post :)ps. i'm from mukwonago, right outside of delafieldMIKE
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