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  1. <---------------has a newfound hatred for aaron bartleyJJ in the sb 3 limpers i raise to 1125 two limpers call (120/240 blinds)642 flop i bet 3515 covering both limpers. First limper call AB calls 88 and 66 respectively gg huge pot2 hands later AB raises to 720 i shove remaining 2500 in w/ AQ guy on immediate left calls , AB reshoves guy on left callsi miss against KK (other guy had aq as well)bartley has gone from ~2k to 35K in last half hour

  2. you mean something like this???Full Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t120/t240(Ante: t25)9 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: t5416UTG+1: t5320MP1: t2810MP2: t6515MP3: t3024CO: t28909Hero: t2635SB: t6255BB: t3505Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with :D :D UTG folds, UTG+1 calls t240 (pot was t585), MP1 calls t240 (pot was t825), 3 folds, Hero calls t240 (pot was t1065), SB folds, BB checks.Flop: :):club::D (t1305, 4 players)BB checks, UTG+1 bets t480, MP1 folds, Hero calls t480 (pot was t1785), BB folds.Turn: :D (t2265, 2 players)UTG+1 checks, Hero checks.River: :) (t2265, 2 players)UTG+1 checks, Hero bets t1250, UTG+1 calls t1250 (pot was t3515).Results:Final pot: t4765UTG+1 showed Jc JsHero showed 3c 3s

  3. Just one of those days where I'm not gonna win.
    last day and half has been the same after 15000 hands of LHE/NL a staggering .72bb/100 how fun and about 1.5k hands of PLO where i'm up close to 400 at .50/11k-1.6k (not including 600 cashed out)<--------------would like to run good for more than 1k hands plzzzzzzzzzzz
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