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  1. I do, I see ace-high check raising this river. I see pocket 10s check raising this river. I see 89 off suit check raising this river. I could go on.They check raise with any two cards to try and buy the pot because it is a scary board here!Bet/folding is -EV!
  2. Bet/fold this river if you don't like money.You bet the river and I already explained why you should be betting the river, and it gets check raised and you are going to fold for 14-1 with an over pair?Are you kidding me? It does not matter what they are holding, your jacks are good here 1 in 14 times, at least!
  3. No need to make this hand a huge discussion about what to do. It’s pretty simple:Bet the river. Call the check raise if it comes. Good game.
  4. Getting value from this people calling with 55s-10's, a pair of 8's and ace highs is also nice.
  5. I call the turn bet and call if he bets out on the river or bet if he checks.I've seen too many players bet out with a worse hand trying to steal the pot with what they think is their "crafty" stop and go.If he really had a good hand why wouldn't he c/r you on the turn? At worst you loose the hand but gain valuable information on the way he plays.
  6. I just don't think you're gaining much fold equity by raising here 99% of the time. Ace anything and any higher pp is going to call you down at the .50/1 level.I'm all for playing aggressive. I'm LA/A on PT. But most of the time you are just raising into a better hand that isn't going to fold and going to scare away worse hands that would continue to bet for you.
  7. I don't disagree with your strategy Alpha, but at the .50/1 level I've found that 99% of the players are going to call all the way down with KK-QQ here if it is just for one more bet on each street.They simply can't let go of a big PP even with overs out.
  8. I’m usually folding out at this point, unless I have good reads on the villains.9 handed and a multi-way pot on the flop with a cap pre-flop at the .50/1 level, you can bet you’re ass some one has an ace here an overwhelming percentage of the time.That being said if in the rare case I’m not folding this flop I’m not betting either. You’re WA/WB at this point. You are either going to bet into a hand you are way behind or scare off a hand you are way ahead of.Let the hands you are ahead of do the betting for you so you get the most value from them and let the hands you are behind bet so you loos
  9. But.. but.. you weren't in the hand? If it was you I would just give you my buy in at the start of the session and save myself the time.
  10. On the river you CAN'T fold at .50/113-1 with a straight. I'll take those odds at .50/1 any time.
  11. PokerStars 0.50/1.00 Hold'em (6 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is UTG with [Jd], [Js]. Hero raises, BB calls.Flop: (6.50 SB) [9d], [Ts], [Qs] (3 players)BB checks, Hero bets, MP calls, BB folds.Turn: (4.25 BB) [Ks] (2 players)Hero bets, Hero calls.River: (12.25 BB) [Tc] (2 players)Hero checks, MP bets, Hero calls.Final Pot: 14.25 BBToo agressive?
  12. No actually, I was a really good server. I would never do that. Think I could play poker if I lacked that self control?I was actually "let go" because it is a slow time of the year in the resturant biz, and they cited that my sales were the lowest of any other server.What that was is BS, they fired me because of who I was and wasn't friends with. I made a lot of money there but the place was ran like a kindergarden. I'm glad to be gone.
  13. PokerStars 0.50/1.00 Hold'em (5 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is Button with [Qh], [Kd]. 1 fold, MP calls.Flop: (7 SB) [Jd], [Th], [3s] (3 players)SB checks, MP bets, Hero calls.Turn: (6.50 BB) [4s] (2 players)MP bets, Hero calls.River: (8.50 BB) [As] (2 players)MP bets, MP calls.Final Pot: 16.50 BBHow can I not cap here? If he went runner runner for a flush so be it, right?
  14. Eh, they are idiots at the 6-max tables. And he is one of them. Some times they just bet and raise with nothing to try and bluff you off the hand.
  15. PokerStars 0.50/1.00 Hold'em (6-max 5 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is Button with [6d], [6c]. UTG raises, UTG calls.Flop: (10 SB) [4h], [2s], [2c] (3 players)SB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets, SB calls, UTG calls.Turn: (6.50 BB) [5h] (3 players)SB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets, Hero calls.River: (14.50 BB) [9h] (2 players)UTG bets, Hero calls.Final Pot: 16.50 BBAnything wrong any where on this hand?
  16. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t50 (9 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxSB (t1615)BB (t1410)UTG (t1125)UTG+1 (t3240)Hero (t2630)MP2 (t1590)MP3 (t2210)CO (t1340)Button (t760)Preflop: Hero is MP1 with [Kd], [As]. 1 fold, UTG+1 calls t350.Flop: (t1075) [8c], [4h], [5d] (2 players)UTG+1 checks, Hero bets t600, UTG+1 calls t600.Turn: (t2275) [Js] (2 players)UTG+1 checks, Hero checks.River: (t2275) [9d] (2 players)UTG+1 bets t500, Hero folds.Final Pot: t2775Erk. I had no clue what to do here. I've been to final tables with this guy before, and I'm thinking he had to have 10
  17. I'll push this flop with my Aces every time in a low stakes tournament unless my read of the PLAYER is super strong.If I got sucked out on, oh well. You're usually ahead here.
  18. You need a strong read to fold this hand on the flop, and a min bet/raise isn't that strong.I've seen players in online tournaments try and BLUFF with min bets and raises/reraises. You CAN'T start sterotyping these types of bets. For each player that bet is going to mean a differant thing.
  19. "Wait, you're paying your bills off of the .50/1 tables? Are you kidding?"No, it's a grind but I can live off of making $50 a day for a while. It's better than punching a clock and working dollars for hours for some asshole at some dead end job. And yes, I do make $50 a day playing the tables.
  20. Don't have the money to do that right now. I got fired from my job a couple weeks ago.I'm not going back to work. I'm using poker to pay my bills. I would like to do that eventually, but I am actually doing very well on PS 6-max .50/1 tables, so there is no reason for me right now to go switch it up.
  21. Ahh. Makes sense.Because I like to mix up my game a little with NL Tournies to keep myself from tilting out of bordem of the same play.Poker Stars has very nice tournies. Won 3 out of 4 Heads up Tournies so far and finnished 2nd, 4th, and 16th in three 45 person SnGs.Party sucks for tournies, IMO.
  22. are you calling smash a liar?Dude, screw that. There are more important matters at hand at the moment. Where is the hot woman in your avatar? I love office space just as much as the next person but...
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