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  1. I have never played at Party before. When I installed the software, the windows in the main screen all over lap and cant really read them. Is this what you mean by "dicked up"? Or, does my 1900 X 1200 fubar it?
  2. oumarch110

    ok bye.

    Can I have your stuff?
  3. Congrats on the win! I would definitely brag too...so dont feel bad about it.Just dont forget to pay the tax man.
  4. If you arent a "preferred member" you can just email UB support and they will do it. I did it a couple months ago, then the next month they upgraded me to preferred member so I can so it myself.
  5. Just ordered a Dell XPS last night...cant wait for it...I will be very disappointed if it can do that res.
  6. Back to newbie...sweet!That regression therapy is working!
  7. I guess we both have something in common. No worries.
  8. wow...fan boys out in full force this morning.
  9. What is this poker tracker of which you speak? Can it bake brownies? Can it make popcorn? Can it breast feed a newborn?
  10. I wouldnt wait. Regardless of the reason, blinds are moving up making your chip leader less relavant with the increase. LIke others said above, get you chips in as often as can and get rid of him.
  11. If, of course, you are referring to the professional poker player that most resembles my mother, and by making that statement will sent me into therapy for the next 6 months to a year....then, yes. You are correct.
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