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  1. Chicago Blackhawk fan. Buffalo Sabers fan. 50/50, but I do wear my hawk jersey to the hsbc when they play there.
  2. Well the my hawks mite, just mite not **** this up. but I would not be surprised if they do......
  3. Toronto has to worry about two things 1. how they can be a playoff team next year2. where they put there golf clubshow can you sit there and say that "we will bounce back tonight" when you cant hold a 3 goal lead with 10 min left in the game. Two a team who played all told 15 min of good hockey. Ajs will back me up on that one.
  4. And hit it with a hammer. then your self in the head.
  5. I think online players will go nuts with more draws then in live games. Plus online you dont have to count or stack chips (thers or your) or do the math (pot odds ect.). I think that that is a big differents in live vs. online. As far as attention going south online. I am the same way. I play hearts and freecell or anther table and just git killed.
  6. hay didn't we do the same thing a few years ago when we bombed some kids hockey leage with like 5 team each.
  7. yep, I am not the retard I thout I was..........ok mabey I am
  8. you forgot GTHYFD-go to hell you ****en donk
  9. Just so happins that he forgot to telll you that his aces got beat 3 out of 3 times
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