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  1. The ruling (not the rule) was poorly translated/enforced... BUT, I also believe Daniel purposely challenges these rules to see what happens. This time he got nipped by an overly zealous dealer and floor person. How about growing up, and behaving like a man? As a highly respected poker ambassador, you should be handling these situations with a bit more decorum, better yet, not getting sucked into them in the first place. A little too much "Kid" and not enough "Poker"... You're a "leader", remember?
  2. An entertaining show for the guy/girl who knows something about poker. For a hardcore pokerist... pokerologist... whatever, it may be a bit silly. I happen to like silly. Moments were forced, but it was their first show, cut'em some slack. A better production than "face the Ace" for sure, not as hardcore as "High Stakes Poker", but Joe/Jill channel surfer would not watch that...
  3. Hope your mom gets well soon... get the travelers insurance for next time. I don't take my parents vacationing ANYWHWERE without it.
  4. One of the more interesting endeavors I've seen. Ferguson's venture was more anecdotal than anything, whereas Daniel's will be documented for PokerVT. If nothing else, it's a lesson in discipline and patience. May the variance be with you!
  5. So has anyone sent in a testimonial? Has any one received swag for it? Is FCP Matt still reading this thread? Is this mic on? Oh well, off to watch some JCarver vids...
  6. I'm wondering if there are traits more, or less, suited to being a successful poker player?
  7. Videos are new .25/.50, and I hope they don't pass them off as new content for THIS week.
  8. We should not have to declare a full scale exodus before he does something. Reposting past videos is WEAK. No doubt he has something to say, and is a fantastic teacher, SO SAY SOMETHING AND TEACH US! We're listening, but he hasn't said anything for a LOOONG time.
  9. 2 weeks ago, I was getting ready to do a real testimonial, the kind Matt was looking for. Then after thinking about it, I realised Poker VT is a great one time, or very short-term purchase. Buy the 3 month initial deal, and much after that, you're done. No doubt I've learned a ton in the last three months, BUT now, the learing curve has flattened out, and I'm not going to pay for flat.
  10. The value for the money has DRASTICALLY decreased. Unless something improves by the end of the month, I'm done too.
  11. Not silly at all... Poker VT is a Suppliment... It should go along with the play, discussion, and reading components of your poker education. It IS a lot to digest, and that's why you should break it up into manageable chunks. I love what it's done for my game, and what it's going to do!
  12. What have I learned: 1) Small ball, how it applies to tournament, cash, and online play 2) Heads- up play, and why I was doing it wrong (or could at least vastly improve it) 3) Positional play... nuff said. 4) "Poker logic" or how to deduce what players have, or could have as hands and I'm still not done...Like I said, if they haven't taught you anything, you're either that damn good, or, as I'm starting to see now, that closed minded. Be willing to learn, you'd be surpri
  13. Daniel should contact YOU about doing videos... So tell me about your major wins... WPT Titles... WSOP bracelets... Seeing as you know everything, let's have some of those pearls of wisdom...
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