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  1. I think that you can also get used tuxes and suits from various tuxedo rental places. I know that I have seen jackets for $50-60, if you can make a match that would be cheap, if you want to go that route.
  2. you people suck. i want to go to vegas. christ, i would move to vegas, if the hubby would be willing. umm, yeah thats not happening. just had to whine, ty all.
  3. yeah, I should be done paying off my credit cards just in time to die.
  4. how is that even something a person discovers they are afraid of?
  5. if you have the space, add a foosball table, too. gives the schmucks that lose early something to do while they wait...
  6. scientology sucks. id like to see ol' tommy push out a baby in silence. frickin wacko.
  7. i saw him on the news but didnt know who he was trying to look like before. thought he was rupaul.
  8. evesixer

    My Table

    the red felt is sweet. the table is sweet. and the drink cart thin is also very sweet and unique. i like it. especially since black and red were our wedding colors. (to go with the suits of a deck of cards). damn casino theme it was friggin awesome! how many people can say they went to a wedding that they played blackjack, roulette, and hold em? (minus people that have gone to weddings in vegas of course)
  9. never been there. is it true that it is cheaper than vegas?
  10. definately paris hilton and anna nicole smithnow jenny mccarthy, but i used to like her. DO NOT WASTE TIME WATCHING DIRTY LOVE. the fact that she wrote the stupid "movie"fran dreschertom cruise now, not so much before the psychoticnessphil helmuthDICK VITALE BABY. god do i despise him.
  11. jersey from coyote ugly. but i would continue working there.
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