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  1. This Williams' character sounds like a real heel. He wasn't able to hang with Raymer when they went toe-to-toe; so now he's kicking off a new "second" career. I agree with the sex addiction comment; it is obviously his achilles heel.
  2. Come on, guys, get a clue. Players have been playing two tournaments for years. Your info on a tournament director not allowing someone at a table is ridiculous. If you pay the money, and you've got chips, you can sit there and allow them to get blinded off, play a few hands, go back and forth, etc. The onyl rule you have to adhere to is when you're actually playing a hand (must be in your seat when the last card is dealt; must not walk away from the table when you're in a hand, etc.)
  3. Gobucks, I actually asked this question in an e-mail that was addressed on the first episode ever of the Circuit. If you listen back (I'm Eric from Moorpark), he says that he had no pair and no draw and he know there was no way that guy could call him. The reason I had asked him about it was that I thought he had balls of steel to make that move and I wanted to see if he actually had something. Poor Mikey....He's got so much talent but his demons will always get the best of him...
  4. I can't believe I'm even replying but did you know that the "British are coming, the British are coming."On a serious note, they did move the HORSE event today. It is now on July 12th rather than the 23rd.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. Is this guy a prodigy or a protege? Let's please come to some consensus. Or constitution...or contraceptive....
  6. He may be a donk but he's got $219K from this weekend to buy some donkey feed with...
  7. This guy is a monster. 2nd in the Million guaranteed and 1st in the 500K guaranteed in consecutive days. Two 100K paydays for the weekend. I sat with him in the 500K guaranteed and watched him play a maniacal hand.50 players left. Blinds 4000/8000. EOORRRR is one of the chip leaders with 440,000 and one of the other chip leaders is sitting on his right with approx. 375,000. UTG pushes all-in for 69,000 and the guy on his right re-raises all-in for his 375K. EOORRRR re-raises all-in for his 440K. Everyone else folds and UTG shows A-9, 2nd chip leader shows A-K, and EOORRRR shows Q-Q. A Queen hi
  8. Dr. RimTostada mi ensaladaDavid "Exit only" WilliamsDing L. Berry
  9. Actually, it is widely known that Chan is one of the rudest and inconsiderate players towards floor and food staff at most of the casinos. Phil, on the other hand, ha a huge heart and will give his shirt off his back for any of his friends. Check out Barry Shulman's latest blog on cardplayer.com
  10. Yeah, there should be plenty of hotels that have 1,000 vacant rooms during the WSOP. Seriously, they give you $1,000 in cash for spending money and pay up to 9 nights in a hotel so that's the extra money. Also on a serious note, where the hell are these 8,000+ ME entrants going to stay during the WSOP? Every site is offering hotel for their winners but I'm pretty sure L.V. is going to be absolutely swamped during those two weeks.
  11. Amazingly, there was a rule change enacted today and luck was removed from the game. As he has told us in the past, Phil is now winning every pot since luck isn't involved.
  12. Over/Under on how many pots Sanders will be able to limp into and see a flop?
  13. I'm not sure I'd want to play at this one either...9 45 5 Mimi Tran 367,300 34 45 4 Men Nguyen 220,300 51 45 6 John Dagostino 194,700 68 45 7 Doyle Brunson 165,000 79 45 8 Lonnie Mason 149,600 101 45 1 Gabriel Thaler 128,000 113 45 9 Joe Omahen 113,800 126 45 2 Nicola Boscolo 101,900 127 45 3 Joseph Sanders 99,800
  14. I'm rolling on the floor reading this forum. I'm fairly up on current events but somehow missed this whole DW reference. Can someone fill us in?
  15. POKERWIRERecent EliminationsRecent eliminations include: Daniel Negreanu, Louis Asmo, Michael Simon, and Mark ColeUmm..I guess he can't.
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