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  1. What companies are set up best to take advantage of this when it passes?
  2. anyone know how this ended? Saw him hit 7 mil on twitter and then just saw some congrats but no final result.
  3. At least they are not obscenely huge. 2 thumbs up
  4. Is that Jordon from the old challenge thread in the final 4 of 25k headsup?
  5. twister929 was my first screen name ever, combinatioin of my nickname and birthday. Got the nickname after my first trip to JamaciaStars - Breezer929 - twister929 and a bunch of other combinations were taken and I got sick of trying so I substituted Breezer which is the name my friends use for people that are kind of douchesFT - parlaysr4losers - just calling them like I see them
  6. Someone was selling some RiverStars shirts awhile back that were pretty cool. Got 2 of them
  7. I just watched the first one and have to say, his buddies were spot on in calling that girl a c**t and the guys are total douches
  8. Not sure how Bull is doing now, but read his posts in the Challege thread and see his progression when he listened to better players giving him advice in the same manner. Read how his responses were different than yours and how others' responses changed tone.Put it this way, if your friend open pushes 72o and busts to 44 you are going to tell him it's a terrible play either online or face to face. He tells you he hadn't played a hand in forever and last time he had AA he open pushed and got a caller or two so he thought he would rep AA and steal blinds. You tell him that's terrible logic an
  9. Also home of Latrell Sprewell
  10. This is one of the first examples I remember of a pro athlete being a total prima donna bitch. Karma caught up with Pippin though as he's just another washed up broke pro. Good for him.
  11. TY for link. I started on that one awhile ago and forgot about it because I rarely go in strat
  12. I think I started reading it originally at page 3 and have read the whole thing. I haven't reread it yet, but have reread parts (American Gladiator). That might be my project after March Madness.
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