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  1. I can't second this enough. A lot of people aren't at the table to make money, they're there for a good time. Think of yourself as an entertainer, make sure people are having a good time with you. People are much more loose and comfortable when they're enjoying themselves and won't notice how many bets they're calling to catch their ace. If you're a jackass, people will tighten up against you, or leave the table at worst. DON'T berate any bad playing, even when they suck out. It's much different from blasting someone online. You can ruin what would have been a very profitable night just by try
  2. Yeah, didn't notice that, thought it was NL for some reason. Sorry about that, could a mod move it to the right forum if they see this?
  3. I'm used to playing NL100 6max games. I've just created an account on FCP, and all they have is 5max games. What adjustments should I make with one less player? Should I simply treat is as one more person folding, or is there more to it than that?Also, does anyone know how long the bonus would take to clear playing 2 tables of NL100 5max? I'd figure it wouldn't be too bad at 5max since I will be involved in many more of the hands.
  4. I really really hate it when these punk WPT wannabes get busted out of bigger games then try to get unstuck at my 2-5 table. I'm there to have a good time and take a few chips, not to listen to him yelling "YOU JUsT BET INTO THE NUT FLUSH, BITCH! SHIP IT!". If you're so goddamn good then buy back in to your big game, and stop ruining mine. Straddle all you want, but don't berate the players for calling your bluff with K high. I don't care if you've won a bunch of tournaments onlineI don't care that you ususally play much higher. I don't care that you think you're a "pro" when you're still livi
  5. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that AA will win 4/5 against any pocket pair preflop? Or do you mean the chance of him hitting a set on the turn?
  6. Thanks so much for all the replies. I think the main problem with this play wa that there were two callers to the pot sized bet. that alone should have told me to slow down and reevaluate what potential hands I could be up against. This is how the hand played out.MP1 ($5)MP2 ($33.70)CO ($24.65)Button ($24)Hero ($39.75)BB ($7.55)UTG ($22.45)UTG+1 ($25.26)Preflop: Hero is SB with [As], [Ac]. Hero posts a blind of $0.10. 1 fold, UTG+1 calls $1.75, MP2 calls $1.50.Flop: ($6.25) [2h], [8h], [Ts] (3 players)Hero bets $6, UTG+1 calls $6, MP2 calls $6.Turn: ($24.25) [9d] (3 players)Hero calls $31.
  7. Please bear with me if the format of this hand isn't great, this is my first post in Strat. I think I am happy with my play preflop and on the flop, but I am not sure about the push on the turn. Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (8 handed) internettexasholdem.comMP1 ($5)MP2 ($33.70)CO ($24.65)Button ($24)Hero ($39.75)BB ($7.55)UTG ($22.45)UTG+1 ($25.26)Preflop: Hero is SB with [As], [Ac]. Hero posts a blind of $0.10. 1 fold, UTG+1 calls $1.75, MP2 calls $1.50.Flop: ($6.25) [2h], [8h], [Ts] (3 players)Hero bets $6, UTG+1 calls $6, MP2 calls $6.Turn: ($24.25) [9d] (3 players)Hero bets $31.7
  8. Wow, only saw the poker set. That alumni team stuff is awesome.
  9. Give me my money!No results yet! Patience is a virtue grasshopper.Exactly. I'm so right about this. Nobody in their 20's is making a 'Kung Fu' reference.BTW - What happened to the Quagmire avatar?Who knows? I'm very mysterious. I could be 75. I could be 16. The intrigue grows.I just got tired of looking at it after a while. I'll probably bring it back eventually, but I'm not sure if it fits the size requirements anymore. I like the one I have now because most people don't get the reference.I'll resist the urge to google. I want to say it's Ben Franklin...I'm not that deep my friend. It's from
  10. I must be thinking about another guy. You weren't the one who had the Kings on your forehead, were you? That's the guy I meant.
  11. Good work on taking Daniel out. It seemed everyone at teh final table was playing super tight cause they didn't want to make a bad play in front of Daniel. I swear to go the guy who got busted by daniel qith the A2vs.K2 looked like he was going to cry. Seemed like kind of a cheesy prize for the win, but who really gives a shit. Definitely once in a lifetime chance at that table. I busted out third at my table, so close. I was the guy with the afro.
  12. The really ironic thing is the guy who won was first in line. I got busted by Crazy Joe, but it was tough to do anything with how the blinds were going up. Negraneau said he made them himself.
  13. I'm kind of surprised to not see this here already, so I wanted to start a Thank You thread to daniel for setting up the party tonight. I had a really great time. Got kicked out third at my table, so close to playing with the man himself at the final table. After everything was done, he made sure to entertain everyone who walked up to him with random junk and found time for everyone, even time to drop some phat reggae rhymes. It's one thing to hold a promotional event, say hello to the crowd, and hike it out, it's another thing to stay around and make sure everyone goes home happy. Even though
  14. Which one is it? Why would you create a thread about "crushing" the NL50 game by playing badly, and then hate on this guy for trying to work his way up? How do you do it "like 15 times" and still have nothing? If you have $15,000 why are you playing the 50?Seems to me like you got ripped a new one over there so you gotta spread the hate. Where's the love?
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