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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Patrick, last time I was in Cali I sat next to you at the Bay at the Shooting Stars (at the table with Scotty and Mimi). Looking forward to getting back out West.
  2. As usual, I'm planning a business trip around poker tournaments. I am heading out to LA this weekend and would love to play the $300 unlimited rebuy tourney at the Commerce on May 6, 7pm. Anyone play this last year? If so, how was it? Structure? Most importantly, does anyone have a good estimate of how long that tourney took last year (there were around 550 people, unlimited rebuys for 3 levels)? Of course, I may go out on the first hand after the rebuy period ends, but need to figure out if I can make my meetings on Monday in the unlikely event that I go deep. Thanks all.
  3. Thanks much all. I will keep my eye out for the fat old hag in a visor.
  4. I'm heading to Detroit on business in a couple of weeks and wanted to get some recommendations on places to play some cards. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I'm heading to Chicago on business and wanted to see if I could find a nice tourney to play while I am there (the bigger the better). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have to take a business trip down to Florida next week. I'll be spending time in Tampa and in Orlando. Any suggestions for card rooms would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. PM - Just a matter of time before that guy to my right got into an altercation. He was muttering under his breath every hand. Was actually kind of entertaining. Strange play by that bounty killer guy. Though not that surprising given that he was considering folding that full house, not realizing that he had filled up.There was definitely some entertaining antics throughout the tourney. I may have told you that Layne Flack fell asleep on one of my earlier tables (apparently he had been partying quite a bit the few nights before). Took a couple of decent pots from him (nothing to brag abou
  8. Patrick, It was great sitting next to you and chatting (notwithstanding the awful run of cards that I had during that time). Nice recap, but was really hoping that you would cash. Sorry about that awful AA beat. I agree that the tourney staff did a great job and will definitely make the trip from NYC next year (may even come back for the Bay 101 Open, whenever that is).
  9. Excellent - thanks for the info guys. Definitely will hit one of the steakhouses and Santana Row.I'm looking forward to seeing which pros are playing in the 2k event.
  10. Just wanted to see if any FCPers are playing in the SS 2k event or the SS 10k main event. I'm heading to San Jose (from NYC) next weekend to play in the 2k. It has a pretty cool format - limited to 200 players, 10k in starting chips, and a 1k bounty at every table. Also would appreciate any recommendations for restaurants, and other things (besides poker) to do in San Jose. Thanks.
  11. If Carlos put Daniel on a huge draw, a smooth call would allow Carlos to see whether the turn was a scary card. If the turn was a blank, Daniel is less likely to call a big bet with one card to come. With two cards to come, there's a good chance Daniel would call with a big draw, putting Carlos' tourney life at risk with only slightly favorable odds. It's a tough one.
  12. Good call on the Legion of Doom line. They were unbelievable for a stretch. They used to abuse my NYR.
  13. How about the Messier, Graves, Kovalev line in 1994. That was a sick combo.
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