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  1. Calling gimmick accounts "joke accounts" are for retard n00bs.
  2. I seriously hope this information doesnt go around every internet forum dealing with gambling.Not like there's a shortage of fish, but seriously....i vote that you let the people who are really trying to gather information stumble into it. Handing out money to people who would have otherwise felt fine about their current game, is very irritating.Brunson did it with his book, originally. Now this semi-underground source of information is slowly going to sift into just another poker forum, filled with meaningless analysis from people who think they know it all after reading a post from gigabet.I
  3. Hey guys.I've fallen on some tough times and am looking to sell my hockey card collection. I have it up on ebay.http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1Hate to spam ya, just thought it was fair to show you guys if any of you are interested.if you have any questions, please ask.
  4. Nah, the only reason i went out of my way to call you a fool is because you were so eager to flame others.You may or may not be a fool. At that moment, definitely.
  5. You're a fool.Please read the hand history again.Then, re-evaluate typing before you think.
  6. It'd be more fun if this were March. I dunno what the NHL is thinking with putting so many rivalry-type games at the beginning of the schedule.Think harder.
  7. The best im finding is his rookie jersey card.The kid is good, though, i dont blame you.
  8. Forum hasn't existed a year, let aone your "over".
  9. Sandis Ozolinsh on your team for that price??Wait, what? Sandis Ozolinsh on your team period?
  10. i AGREE.I have to have my hand on this volume button constantly so i can avoid blowing my speakers while trying to hear the people in the background.Jesus.
  11. Yeah, it's quite simple. You can beat the smaller games for quite the bb/100, but you're not at the caliber to make the jump yet.It's one thing to win at $1/$2, but quite dumb within the same about of time to assume you can play $3/$6. Dont move up. Play 2/4 if you have to, for like 10k hands, and see what your win rate is. If it's 2-3 BB/100, take a stab. But dont stay at that level until you go broke. If you start losing, move down before you trash your roll for a third time like a n00b.
  12. There's no fee to send the money back to Neteller. If you've verified your bank account, Neteller will also deposit whatever amount you want into that account, which usually takes 3 business days.
  13. Being a Christian is a gamble in itself, in the right light.Besides, who here honestly thinks poker is gambling?
  14. Smash,You should try turning on the 4-colored deck in your options, that way you will no longer have any reason to mis-judge suits on the board.I hated it at first, but it's invaluable multitabling.
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