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  1. Um... A couple of facts i would like to point out... The band Webb left to go solo was a group called Caedmon's Call, one of the more successful Christian bands out there with somewhere around 5 albums released to critical and financial success. It is very doubtfull that anything Webb could do after he left Caedmon's would ever financially surpass what he was already doing, especially since a lot of Christian radio stations refused to play his "controversial" album. The band and Webb are still on very good terms and he even still occasionally records with them.On the topic of finances, I know
  2. To clarify, I am only referring to Dylan's, um... spiritual phase. There was a period in Dylan's career that consisted of him writing songs mostly about spiritual matters and am not comparing Webb's work to Dylan's before and after, because Webb doesn't delve into other area's frequently, usually dealing with the church and the church's involvement in right wing politics at the current time, as well as his relationship with God. I hold by my statement that in that area he is on Dylan's level. Check some of his stuff out speedz, or we can just agree to disagree. All the same
  3. My first thought was 15-1 but then I figured I was just a silly fan boy
  4. yeah, i haven't got to listen to mockingbird yet, but I really like how open he is with his views on politics in it
  5. What kind of odds do my fellow forum members give on ivey winning at least one bracelet this year? Seems he is playing almost every event and getting fairly deep.
  6. It looks like daniel's year long cold deck in tourney poker is finally wearing off. On a semi-tangent, he has proved his character this year. He has lost with the same dignity he showed winning the year before. Well done Daniel.
  7. For everyone out there that don't have a typical bible belt view on Christianity, (daniel if you read this i believe you will really appreciate it) check out some music by folk artist Derek Webb. Derek was originally with the band Caedmon's Call but broke off to do solo work becuase he believed that was God's will for him. His lyrics and the thought that is put into them are on a level with Bob Dylan in my opinion. He is very passionate about Christ and inspires me to challenge the way I think about spiritual matters. If you go to www.derekwebb.net and click on "songs" there are lyrics and exp
  8. um... where do i view my fcp points?? thanks ahead of time.
  9. go daniel... perfect position with the only other huge threat to his stack immediately to his right.
  10. Is it sad that I am visibly excited for daniel? my friends in the room are asking my why i'm in such a good mood.
  11. I have one question for you teacher. To what extent are you educated and how old are you? You take jabs at daniel for his GED, how about you post everything about yourself so we can try to find some small part of your life that we can tear at and try to make you look bad. You make me sad that you can't make an argument or disagree with daniel without making personal attacks. Make your point/counterpoint and leave the character attacks out of it. You apparently get something out of this site and all that these kind of posts do is make daniel reticent allowing the personal glimpse into his life
  12. 28 posts should be enough to know that Daniel will not be answering you.Over 600 posts should be enough to know that if Daniel was allowed to answer the question and saw the thread he would.
  13. I read about it on ESPN's poker site, seems like Ivey is the only one in for sure. Are you in?
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