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  1. I read that GSN is paying them $1000/hour to play.
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. Smash, I seriously considered folding on the flop but past hands with this guy convinced me to call. In retrospect, especially against a more "normal" opponent I probably would fold, although I hate folding on the flop to a 3bet. Could be a leak... Canada, I didn't really consider him to be "good," just very aggressive, almost to a fault. This is what convinced me to see the turn. I figured he could have limped with a suited connector (JT, T9, QT) since he had been raising/re-raising a lot of very marginal hands (QJ for example) PF up to that point.
  3. Playing 10-handed, I sit down and post in MP and get dealt Jc 7c. I checked after one caller, the next player raised and the CO, Button, SB, BB and myself all called. Obviously I have no reads at this point. The flop was Kh, 3d, Js. Checked around to the preflop raiser who bet, and everyone called except for the Big Blind. There are now 16 small bets in the pot (I think). What's my play?
  4. Hey guys,Here's a hand I played today that I need some opinions on, I think I may have missed some value. I couldn't find a converter for Prima Poker sites, so I did the best I could to make them readable. $2/$4 6 handedTable was playing pretty aggressive, with one outright maniac and one guy (UTG) trying to corral him by being almost as aggressive. Hero is on the Button with Ah 8d.UTG calls, all fold, Hero raises, SB calls, BB folds, UTG calls.FLOP: As 5h TdSB checks, UTG bets, Hero raises, SB folds, UTG 3bets, Hero...??UTG is very aggressive but I haven't seen him get too out of line.Do I reraise here or just call? TURN: 8cUTG bets, Hero raises, UTG 3bets, Hero...??Can we give him credit for AT or a set here?RIVER: 9dUTG bets, Hero...??Is there value in a raise here, or is calling the best bet?
  5. Yeah, the suckouts can be brutal but I am starting to appreciate being able to see my opponent's flopped straight at showdown without ever being raised. Plus I get to feel like I make "great laydowns" when I fold TP/GK to a raise. 8) I hear that.
  6. I have been reading these forums for a while and I even registered a few months back but never really felt like posting until now. I decided to skip General Poker and jump straight to Strategy. But enough about me...I was wondering what types of opponents people prefer to play against and what their strategies are for exploiting the mistakes these opponents tend to make. I'll start things off... (I play mostly LHE 2/4 and 3/6)My favorite type of opponent is the classic calling station - loose passive. The bad beats can be frustrating but you know you can always get maximum value from your bets/raises, and if you get raised, it is much easier to get away from your hand against an LPP. Playing these guys all day is what defines "the grind" to me. You bet, bet, bet your strong hands and hope they don't suck out, over and over. On the other side of the coin is the maniac. I love playing these guys at lower limits when losing a 30+ BB pot won't put me on tilt. They are a lot more fun to play against than the calling stations, because you never know what they might have. It is harder for me to extract full value from my winning hands because their constant aggression tends to slow me down a bit. This is something I have been concentrating on lately, so any suggestions are welcome. I guess theoretically it doesn't matter what type of opponent you are playing with as long as you know what they are doing and how to exploit it. Ok, done rambling now.Anyone else?
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