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  1. So I was gonna make a FU poker graph..then I decided only 1k to 10k, why not play it out?Good decision by me imoAnd the month so far
  2. i literally was at 997.95 profit for themonth, have played about 1k hands so far todayI didnt get to 1k...yet
  3. they've had them for last year I think ESPN > Yahoo IMO.
  4. Any chance of doing it on ESPN? I like free live scoring
  5. I was expecting a more angry and hilarious response
  6. Over under on showdowns won for me this week is set at 0.5
  7. I say its to avoid spam but it's really to avoid losers like you from reminding me about gambles and important vacation info
  8. regardless of whether she meant it or not it obv changed the effect of the skipament (to my benefit)
  9. done, sorry bout delay, i totally forgot making the bet and I just saw the score now.
  10. oh lol, i totally forgot, whats your tilt sn
  11. thanks to chamalah i was able to get 2nd, if that person never got those chips i woulda ended up losing.this is why it all gets ruined when one person messes up
  12. Tips for beating Ricardo in races would be really cool, PM me if you have info
  13. fk youj mark, i thoguth we were cool, how can you not pcik up at fikign nmidnight., considers us enemis for life
  14. man this made me laugh way more than it should've
  15. never mind im not gonna make a list. just know vick12 woulda been 40th, checky 39th. and me winning it. no one else matters
  16. I might make a list since i can't undersdtand a word this fobby prof is sayingomg lol im above naked cowboy too. best list ever
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