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  1. micro FR ? 1. Chill2. Wait for Nuts3. ???4. Profit
  2. I think I'm the worst prop bettor alive
  3. If I bet flop I bet that turn most of the timeI usually check that flop tho
  4. Could be worse, I could not know who you are
  5. I dunno ihs SN here but I have him on the facebook for some reason.Where are the results
  6. holy crap another list, another low ranking.I'm pullin upsets here.
  7. I dunno if this is serious or not, but if it's not then it's pure gold.
  8. So is there a link to this new forum?I mean I'd rather not do this, but if that's how it's gotta be then I'll have to join too.
  9. I got the Kingler on facebook!I gotta be a mid major 7 seed at least
  10. Wow my rookies sucked balls last yearRookies1. E Longoria2. M AvilesFranchise3. G SizemoreKeepers4 A Gonzalez5 A Lind6 C Headley7 N Markakis8 M Ramirez9 J Broxton10 R Oswalt11 E Bedard12 C Billingsley13 M Cain14 D Lowe15 W Rodriguez
  11. tableratings.comIs the private forum really necessary? Why can't we just keep all the gold here where almsot no one causes any trouble?
  12. I'm only speaking in terms of online roll. There are plenty of people who make insane amounts of money IRL through their job or even poker, but just suck online because they can't stick to BR management. Your friend is one of them.
  13. So I should probably be stuck 4 buyins right now, had 4 superdraws I was willingto get it in with, get flat called and then I was able to check the turn and see free rivers. I whiffed all 4, but only lost money on the flop all 4 times. Running good/bad?
  14. Even if he's good, he'll still go broke. So just depends if you want to be the one to do so or not
  15. thank god this is during exam week so I dont have to play.
  16. if you dont break him someone else will
  17. I cant believe I read the grudge match thread
  18. I'm honestly surprised so many people are taking DM's side on this.
  19. I hate it.Chinese too.It's all about having Flush flush Jacks losing 105 to Quad Kings, A straight flush boat Queens better kicker, and Quad Aces/boat/sht on top
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