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  1. looks like this is the end.my only friend
  2. when are you gonna get facebook already
  3. Good oscar show, Slummy raped it up as it deserved too.time to watch it again
  4. Best run good music:Jai hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. thank god for asians winning oscars, their speeches are top notch.
  6. so tiltedps. this is probably a stupid question but is Albert T = Albertoflamingo?
  7. And the oscar for best art direction goes to...Benjamin Button?!so tilted
  8. they can see it in your profile but it's closed so they wont be able to see anything.
  9. i always put stupid stuff like that in chat when multitabling, not on purpose of course
  10. ok last two are alexander and tom, if anyone knows who they are...
  11. Ok I accepted the ones I know into the facebook group, theres still like 5-6 who I didn't accept though.
  12. is it too late for asskissing
  13. TB17


    the sad part is it's not really a parody. Well it is, but the story is true.
  14. Prolly shouldnt do this, as I think Im gonna play 2200 more hands this month, but this is gonna be pretty close to the final graph for Feb
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