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  1. exactly...what did you think he had...you were the aggressor and he was calling you..even if he was bluffing at the flush, you don't have the hand to call a bet that big...what potential hand could you beat???...he could have been calling you with 2nd pair and hit 2pair with the A...just too much to think about and the pot was not big enough to warrant ' I'm curious, I have to see your cards'...that is absolute junk...who showed you that move??
  2. Nice.thats what I was thinking...3x blind call with 2 more behind to act...brutal call...nice hand afterward, but...what were you thinking preflop?In a cash game where it's only about 7% of his stack this call is fine.He's the big stack, it matters most the size of the other stacks and the second biggest is only about $500. This call is horrible.In a tournament scenario I agree with you. In a cash game I make this call most of the time.Hey Turd...most of the time I agree with your way of thinking...this time though it is not the way I would play...I have played at your table b4 at party and I
  3. I thought you were going to say..' he had a feeling' I was gonna PUKE if I heard that again...lol
  4. Nice.thats what I was thinking...3x blind call with 2 more behind to act...brutal call...nice hand afterward, but...what were you thinking preflop?
  5. this is NOT about asskissing..this is about understanding...did he play poorly absolutely...why did he do it?...only he knows...is he a fish? how about anyone who writes on here try him in a live or online serious game...I think he has been taking his challenge from the DREAMCLOWN crew seriously, and he has been doing reasonably well in a game that is clearly not his best...I do not play poker for a living and I don't think most here do either...Dn does and I think that even when he is facing a cold deck, he will outplay most people out here...these kids that think they know differently amuse
  6. Well said. Everyone needs to take it easy here.DN played like a donkity donkeroo. Either he was just drunk or he's trying to draw people in. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough which was the case.speedz...finally someone who gets it...drunk who knows or cares...I think this is a nice $70k investment that will net him much more in the long run...does anyone remember the long run?has no one never purposely donked a hand or two at a B&M to try and loosen up a ultra tight game? come on here...I think his ploy is to do just as the OP says might happen...get many lesser players to log on nex
  7. i dont get it. you quoting me or mr jones and also, are you referring to me as the 19yr oldor mr jones, cos im 22........... No zedd...you are ok...I was speaking about Mrs. Jones ...sorry about the confusion
  8. He's drawing dead on this flop???? Wow....I guess after the flop, running Kings, running 5s, or even running K 5 wouldn't win????? Wow, if you're gonna try and insult a professionals play.....at least try and get it right. What a f*cking idiot!!! (I'm talking about you)exactly what I was thinking...good to see a 'real professional' can evaluate Dn play...good for you OP.... KNOB!!!but, Dn was playing a little loose...lol
  9. what do you mean there is no easy counter to this style of play..you encounter this style of play at many levels...the only difference is the blind levels...if the levels worry you, then don't play them...counter ultra-aggression with the same exact aggression and you will be surprised with your results...punch a bully in the mouth once and watch their reaction...they back down, and YOU have the edge
  10. Exactly...I believe that if you get your opponent thinking that he has to change his game to something he is not familiar with +EV HUGESo now the DOUCHECLOWN will be playing with a new playbook...one that DN has been playing for years...say goodbye to the bankroll and hello to .50/1.00 on PartyPoker!!!Hi, my name is DOUCHECLOWN, and I'm a DOUCHEAHOLIC'you play with the bull, and sometimes you get the horns'
  11. He's still fairly retired by the standards of most pros. His tourney schedule has been much lighter than most guys or I guarantee you he would have many, many more wins and cashes. The poster who asserted there are 30 better NLHE tournament players than Harrington is on crack.Please understand that his results in these tourneys in no way reflect his success in poker...he has been recongnized by his PEERS, not US as a Premier Tournament player...if this was the case, look back on Doyle Brunsons run in the past 15 years or so in the tourney curcuit...does this reflect his ability? He makes most
  12. Go to a different casino...where I play, no food allowed at the table, no cell conversations at the table...english only spoken at the table etc...but, it is Canada and we rule
  13. that made me laugh so hard I fartednothing like a good goggle that makes you touch cotton
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