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  1. Brandi and Captain Tom had a baby?http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1273232.ecehttp://dlisted.com/node/26494 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fetus_in_fetu
  2. John Stewart absolutely shredded Obama for his stumbling in the debate this week. It must've been bad if Stewart was piling on.And from Obama's appearance on the Colbert Report:
  3. One of the best things I've ever read on this forum. Without knowing her, it seems like Brandi was drawn into the poker world because she considered herself capable of manipulating men, especially men with money who crave attention from beautiful women more than the typical LA stockbroker. Unfortunately she didn't understand the depths of degeneracy in the poker world, nor did she apparently understand what was going on inside her own head. While she thought she was working these men, the reality is that many of the people in her world were newly rich and had no problem shelling out a few buck
  4. As a college professor who's caught kids plagiarizing before - yeah, don't be stupid. It NEVER goes well for the student, especially now with things like iLearn and turnitin.com it's easy to even catch people who are using someone else's report.
  5. Mine falls into the cracks of my couch. I usually get pissed about it, wonder where it could possibly be and curse myself for being stupid enough to lose the remote when it couldn't have gone that far away from the TV, and then after three or four days think to myself "I bet it fell into the cracks of the couch for the 912th time." Sure enough there it is and I move on.
  6. Exactly - he's always been absolutely horrible on SNL, but it works for some odd reason. Look back at the famous cowbell skit, he's 100% awful in it. I've always thought he goes on there and does a Christopher Walken impression, and that was the joke.
  7. Would it be better if you were intently focused on the women's college basketball game?
  8. That thread scares me. It is a lot of reading and I just want to watch you kick somebody in the nuts please.
  9. You had me at "It's a dry heat."
  10. It very well could be z-scoring. That's my initial thought, and I think it fits with what most political scientists would be comfortable with. I think I might need to come up with another distribution though...my problem is that I know enough to be dangerous with this stuff, but not enough to really be good.
  11. Let me give a little background on what the plot means before I get into the hypothesis test so I can explain what I'm doing here. I'm certainly open to any suggestions on where I've gone wrong.So the X Axis represents distance between the target word and the word "American." Words with small distances are related, words with large distances are unrelated. So the basic hypothesis is that "we" and "American" are related words (have a small distance)The picture represents the distribution of distances between American and all other words in the corpus. My thoughts: There are a couple different w
  12. So I'm thinking z-scoring is not the way to go...I'm trying to come up with a hypothesis test for this problem, so I'll take any suggestions of places to look.(I took stats for political scientists...we're even below the psych folks) ;)Edit: It's not a homework assignment so there are no real guidelines. Just something that's accurate and tests that the distances are significantly different from each other.
  13. So it's calculated in exactly the same way? If it's not normally distributed there are different percentages of the data on each side of the mean - doesn't a standard deviation mean more on the right side of the mean than the left?
  14. The whole word distance thing is kinda goofy - it has to do with priming and word relatedness. The prof delegated this down to me - I'm the methods guy on the team apparently, which is working out incredibly well for me We're looking for some sort of hypothesis testing framework in which we can discuss these numbers - which is why we want z-scores. Social scientists are used to z-scores and p-values, so that's what we're trying to give them. Something more "scientific"...good times
  15. It's actual analysis on a paper, so there's no specific question. But let me give more detail on what I'm actually trying to do with this dataset.I have a set of distances between word-pairs (N=16600), and I'm trying to figure out how many z-scores a specific word pair is away from the mean of the distribution. I'm attaching the plot below - but basically what I'm trying to do is show that Americans and We are statistically further away from the mean than November is.
  16. It's an actual dataset, so I have pretty much any information you'd need or want So I have a mean, standard deviation (which if it were normal would be enough), and any other measures you'd ever want.Edit: The dataset has something like an N of 16000...not sure if there's any difference between t-score and z-score for non-normal distributions, but I thought I'd throw that out there.
  17. Thanks! I've poked through my stats books and haven't found anything...but I'm in the social sciences so we're a bit slower than the actual math types
  18. I have a non-normal distribution (normalish looking, but skewed right), and I need to figure out how to find z-scores. Computing z-scores is easy enough for a normal distribution, but I have no clue how to do it for non-normal distributions. Any help from the stats folks here would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I just hit a 3 wood off the tee for the same reason - I get (or got when I was playing semi-regularly) 230-240, but it was almost always in the fairway and gave me a reasonable second shot. Miss the green with that one, a chip, and three putts later and I'm in with a double-bogey.If you all want lessons, let me know.
  20. Happy Birthday to one of FCP's finest posters. I'm insanely jealous of the golf simulator - that's the one requirement for my future house. We had one at the golf store I used to work at, and I miss it incredibly.
  21. From Dave Meltzer on another message board I read: And with that, I take my leave of the FCP.
  22. I'm the slow one who misread it in the first place...I just happened to beat you to the edit ;)Second post fixed to represent the real rules of the game.
  23. So yeah...changing the assumption to the idea that you don't have to pay for every flip changes how much I choose to play:1/2 the time your EV is $1 - $x (whatever you paid to play)1/4 = $2 - $x 3/4 = -$x1/8 = $4 - $x 7/8 = -$x1/16 = $8 - $x 15/16 = -$x...1/2^27 = $67,000,000 - $x 1-(1/2^27) = -$xSimplifying that, and solving for 0 you get:0.499 - $x = 0Breakeven point for the game approaches $0.50 - so if you can play it for less than that life is good.
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