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  1. Puffinmypurp on stars and gimmeda1time or something on FTP... something like 1 million in winning lifetime online
  2. Can't remember if he said it or wrote it but he claimed he only played with his money alone instead of everyone's money pooled together.
  3. All the good looking straight men whom I can't check out with my penis...internally.
  4. nah, you could pick all the games right now if you want. They are basically played daily for 3 weeks starting this weekend. And it's American Football played by college teams. Lets get this huge guys!!!!
  5. I have to travel this weekend and won't be around a comp saturday morning. Really wanna book these two.Oregon +3 vs USC up to 25Boise State -35 vs San Jose State up to 50Also, depending on the weather I'll either be back Saturday night or sometime sunday and will ship then if I lose.
  6. lol at anyone saying watching reality shows is wasting your life and then ignoring the fact that you have a TON of posts on an internet forum.pot, meet kettle.
  7. I got 25 on bama. you weren't on AIM.editted: I'll take all 40 that is left actually. Doubt there's an issue but will someone quote this before gametime just so it's definitely here then?
  8. This is why I think you maintain credibility in a lot of poker circles. I think it's fair to say judging by others actions in the past that many "live" pros believe that live poker maintains some aura of mystique because it was the original way to play the game. Life is more technologically based, why is it naive to expect everything too go along with it.There should be one player of the year that combines everything for sure though. That would state who is the best OVERALL poker player. Probably ought to call it poker player of the year too while you're at it before the grammar police come in
  9. tuckermitchell


    We named these Caribbean Cluster****s. They are just made with stuff around the house. We use solo red cups but I'm sure you could splurge for something that doesn't end up in the garbage when you are done, although it makes cleanup after a breeze.1 part Passion Fruit Rum1 part Coconut RumFill the rest with equal parts Pineapple Juice and Rockstar OriginalNot bad to be honest.
  10. bucketfcp on stars and tuckermitchell on tilt... gg's guys
  11. I just realized I'm starting to become someone disinterested with the "poker world" just now when it only took me to #18 to not recognize someone's name and accomplishments.I still think it's absolutely amazing to think that Phil Ivey will be the best in the world at something that he just plays for his side bets and instead makes his main income from cash games. That's just unbelievable to me.Congrats to Daniel in the short run of his #1 status only 2 years after Jamie Gold luckboxxed and donkstruck his way to #1. And I agree, Ivey is my pick for the winner this year and hope for it to bring
  12. I mean yeah, this. [i get high too much to put a thought this good on e-paper.]
  13. I still don't think it's right. But I'm over it since everyone else is.I want Minny -4.5 up to 50. Quote and it's booked.
  14. 46 points is alot to cover when they have the 2nd string in by halftime but I'm 16-0 over the last 3 seasons so can't stop betting against the spread now. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
  15. Don't be so sure. YOu have a habit of falling into that 2% imo
  16. Are you looking for a job? The WNBA should hire you for their marketing head.
  17. I see your point about the skimpier outfits but I don't know that lots of men will necessarily care to see most of these women at all.
  18. I now realize why the WNBA is unprofitable. It's like watching the Spurs play as a bunch of ugly chicks. The NBA can't even get people to watch the Spurs. What makes them think people will watch the WNBA?
  19. So this. Congrats sir as you are entering a very profitable club. I've now memorized your screen name. Which means you are winning bets against me regularly. This is a club psu and skyler are very familiar with.
  20. Also, I don't even think that unbooking a bet is really that bad, albeit he should have PMed Speed about it. What i think is douchey is him coming in here like he's more important than anyone else, saying he wasn't aware of the the protocol and then saying that he already lost 200 on the game anyways. To me, that seems like the money isn't even an issue, that shipp itt doesn't really care about how people view him on this forum or in general, and that's he's more important than everyone else and can just use ignorance to fix it. After all, it's just 50 bucks. Fuck, I even think he got staked t
  21. I could make the first thread a ban list if it's something everyone would like. I have the edit power without even being a mod.and you're on for 10, if only because I <3 skyler's ability to bring out my true degen.
  22. I heard that the Phoenix Mercury are on point tonight at -5.5 versus whoever they are playing in the WNBA finals so...I want to bet eleventy brazillion on Phoenix. BUT, I only feel like the bet is booked if they do indeed cover. If not, bets off. I don't see why there is anything wrong with it.Edit: I made this thread so I'm definitely trustworthy.
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