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  1. Play every hand and get lucky....LOL Good luck DN!!!
  2. Soooo.....What happened to Howard???
  3. I like Laughlin to relax play a little poker and have fun. Vegas is poker and party......And thats all i can remember. Laughlin is so relax thats it's just a cool place to hang out. Tight playes at the tables but very fun to chat with...they all have a story. But you have to go to vegas to party...
  4. Signed and sent to friends....Hope this will do some good.
  5. Then a 9mm would be a good gun. Try a S&W or a Beretta.
  6. The Glock makes a really nice gun. Never shot a 9mm glock, but i know a glock .45 does great right out of the box. .22 is a fun gun...it can be used for home defence but with little stopping power not worth it. A 9mm has some power bit there is a reason why police now use .45's. I have a glock .45 that i carry and it is a good chioce if that is what you are looking for.
  7. GoodfellasScarfaceRed OctoberShawshank RedemptionTombstone
  8. Spray a little amount of Windex on a lint free cloth. Works fine.
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