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  1. me thinks the day 1 folks would have a helluva an advantage
  2. Simple friend wants to play a bit, friend's wife doesn't want him to play...thus spot friend a $50
  3. What is the general consensus on average time to hit neteller?The cashier page is funny "NetellerWe will instantly refund your winnings to your Neteller account."Time: 24-48 hoursInstantly v 24-48 lol
  4. If you try it activates a red flag on your account and your friends, I funded a friend's party acct and the hell it caused was definately not worth it.
  5. I'm a free agent atmJust started playing again after a nice break.
  6. Lotus Exige.I'm rebuilding the Br due to another shoulder surgury in Jan, so the plan is to get it in late 07.
  7. Daughter turns 8 months old today.I'm aiming for my firsy poker winnings purchase to be a large one, here's the plan.
  8. Thanks had a blast tonight, wish I knew about this and the leaderboard last week
  9. thx got the rush of cards at the right time.
  10. With 8 leftHe pushed on the button, the BB woke up with rockets, crippled him, went out next hand
  11. he would bust him, then later help him out by paying for his rehab...there are no friends at the table
  12. Interview with Gordonhttp://www.pokernewsdaily.com/articles.asp?article=49PND: What was the lowest point and highest point in your poker career?Phil Gordon: Highest point was winning Bay 101.Lowest point of my poker career was leaving Celebrity Poker Showdown. I loved doing the show.
  13. Its a decent show for the person who likes to watch poker...Keep in mind there's an assload of people who don't play even close as much as most people here
  14. Since he's leaving, who should take his place?Personally I think DN would be the best bet, since there is a ton of post-flop play and they're going to need someone who can explain it very well.The wrong choice could sink the show for sure.
  15. Worst beat was what Sonny Bono did to the treeAs for honorable mention, ask Ron or Nicole
  16. Daniel Negreanu -114Dustin Woolf +104opinions?
  17. yes...no client needed, although for hand histories you're SOL
  18. That tells you something, letting an 82-80 team battle back.You tried your hardest to beat the stros in the 2 games late in the season because this is exactly what you didn't want to happen. The stros swept ya at home, got into the playoffs, and got the huge win last night.Last year was your best shot to win the world series...you won't make it back.[/b]
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