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  1. out kept running into hands.oh f*ck it
  2. up to $16K keep busting small stacks.CrazyLeggs21table 13
  3. can't get any action on my big hands.But atleast some donk didn't call and beat me.At About $7300.
  4. running over my table at will.Up to 4460 without really getting any good hands except AK twice which got no action.
  5. im at table 506CrazyLeggs21$3560 right now
  6. I'm in table 506CrazyLeggs21
  7. thanks for the support guys.I'll take my $651 and be happy with my $610 profit.
  8. oh well.kept running into hands there.I like how they all talk sh*t cos I'm not sitting on my hands hoping to make a little bit more cash.
  9. Do you believe that I haven't had to show down one single hand at this table.And i've been sitting there for over an hour.
  10. Damn I love bluffing.LOL.I had A7 off there.
  11. Probably will be the latter of the 3.I'm pretty poor.Got in it by way of a 10+1 rebuy it cost me $41.I've already more than doubled my bankroll.LOLI have $256 in there right now.
  12. I had 67 of clubs on that hand where I re-raised obi-one.LOL.and I flopped 2 pair.Almost slow played it on the flop.But I thought better of it.Trying to avoid big suckouts
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