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  1. Thanks to everyone that sweated me.
  2. For all you degenerates who haven't been to bed yet or those early rises, final table poker stars tournament 124325049 $3.30 NL 2k guarantee.Built2Last3/8
  3. The Cleveland Browns. They always under perform and break our hearts every year. But we still come back the next year and cheer them on. Its a sickness.built2last on stars
  4. Im sitting at 10/20 limit badugi if anyone wants to mess around.
  5. Im sure the majority of your 19k posts are as good as this one.
  6. I have been running pretty good in MTT but bad in cash games. Would love a stake.Built2Last Playing on PokerStars Rating: 92.05% Overall OPR Rank: 72,173 of 907,350 Rating: 92.35% PokerStars OPR Rank: 37,395 of 489,043 ITM Finishes 1st 0 3rd 0 1st ties 0 4-10th 2 2nd 1 Other 5 Last 120 days Prizes Profit ROI ABI AFS R/A ITM ITM Hold'em NL $999 $755 309% $9 1767 17% 6/35 17%
  7. When in doubt about betting the river, BET THE RIVER! Seems to usually be the best plan of action a high percentage of the time.
  8. PokerStars Game #16503054322: Tournament #82576426, 400FPP Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (300/600) - 2008/04/05 - 10:54:53 (ET)i think this says all there is to say
  9. member numbers in triple digits are pretty impressive. I wish I had one.
  10. Lost a coin flip and finished 471st for 80 bucks. Screen name is Built2Last.
  11. 115k at third break. Anyone else still in?
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