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  1. I know this isnt DN's post but just in case he sees it...Any chance of some more HU 5$ sit n go's tonight DN?
  2. Will you be doing anymore more HU matches tonight DN?
  3. Any plans on running a Sit N Go tonight DN?
  4. whatever happened to DreamClown? I never see him at the tables anymore.
  5. Has Mike Matusow been silenced? Never thought I'd see the day...
  6. theres tons of sites that give you bonus money on your first deposit but i dunno about free money for just signing up
  7. I thought the first episode was good... I like the new concept - young and old and 4 tribesI think it will be a good season
  8. punk1o1

    the sauce

    I hope shes not thinking about goin swimming...that water looks dirty
  9. no idea man, maybe he was multitabling and not paying much attention... maybe his finger slipped...the other day I was heads up at the river. I checked to the button and he folded.... he couldve checked and probobly taken my hand with high card, but he checked... these things happen
  10. Huck Seed is more of a cash game player and doesnt play too many tournys
  11. I agree with everyone else... I usually try to take the pot there on the flop, even if not shortstacked, I dont wanna give them a chance at a better hand
  12. I have 22 on the blind 4 ppl limp so I check...flop comes Q2K, checked to me so i make a small bet... 2 ppl callturn Q guy hits his 3 of a kind giving me a full house i make another small bet 1 call next raises all in I called the other guy folded...He shows his 3 queens and I show full house...River - QDecided to take a long break so I dont lose more
  13. i dunno about that but every time I learn a new trick and do it over and over my hand will hurt from using those muscles so much...but eventually that goes away
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