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  1. Glad to see this place is still going strong. Been a long time since I stopped in and said hi.
  2. 7upncider

    The Hideout

    been a few years since ive been here but hate the new layout.
  3. I think OSU wins this game pretty easily.
  4. Im a huge Ohio State fan, but they are not the number one team in the nation. The way everyone keeps losing though they could make it into the national championship game in this era of the BCS bowls. That being said, the SEC needs to quit beating up on eachother if they want to have a team in the championship game. I think if a team comes from the SEC with one loss they will win the national championship. On the other hand I wouldnt be me if I didnt say I would love to see Ohio State in that game.
  5. yea and we thought 2000 mds was alot i have 450000 now lol. its crazy how things works. i did put some money in the game though it help me get to this point.
  6. hahaha yea i guess it is. lol. but ohh well.
  7. i have a complete set of star cards again so when i cash out my friend is gonna send them back to me too. god i love they have this trade thing now. lol. heres my settlements have fun getting them. i am cashing out gonna get 100. and transfered a ton of md cards to my buddy that i got playing hes gonna transfer em back after cash out. i only need 29854 more to cash out with lol. i hope i can get it buy sellling stuff. if i cant i am gonna get my md cards back so i can. i will only make about 70 bucks off the game all together to this point. when i cash out i am gonna cash them cards out so i
  8. hmmm well im not sure. wait and see what happens you will prolly only get warned. i just post in the domination forums that it was just an accident. a lot of the times i just dont say anything cause i can pretty much tell which ones dont have a membership. jjust send them a message saying you didnt know and it will be all good. for now. just dont attack him anymore. lol. also i prolly wait until i cash out to leave anyways due to dont want them coming after us. if i just leave now we will be down to like 3 settlements in a week
  9. are you in the forums yoda? your name is leor2d2 right if so i will make a thread in there to get you the 25 k you need. once i do that you will have to approve it.
  10. check it out yoda its worth it you can find deals and some good prices on moves once in awhile.also i was thinking about something last night about cashing out. I was thinking if i save enough mds to upgrade after i cash out. I would have to transfer the mds to one of you two and i would let you all have some for doing this. I would transfer it and then after its all said and done you could transfer it back to me. that way i could get my upgrades back a little faster
  11. hahah toby that is funny i was doing that too. hahha and before any of you post a trade make sure you let me know first so i can bid it up for you. if you put it in there i will put a high price and help you out.
  12. and i have given away atleast a hundred in trades just to give em away lol.
  13. i have a bunch of cards i am hoarding onto so that i can cash out at the end of the month. i figure i can either use the moves to get my max or trade to get the mds to max out. i traded some mds for some moves and i am back down to 200k but it dont take long to get 10kmds a day.Mars dollars 214906 MD Moves remaining 200 Anytime moves 1823 Total moves used 108608 Settlements joined 7260 Weapons level 20 Defense level 20 Intelligence level 10 Security level 10 Radar level 4 Scouting missions 1693 Successful scouting missions 999 Scouting missions done on you 472 Successful scouting missions don
  14. yes its 50k if you want a loan i will loan it to you until the end of next month cause i prolly wont cash out till then. just let me know an i can transfer you the mds. also i think we should stay in domination cause it helps as far as us cashing out. if we all take turns cashing out then we will be killed on the bonuses. i think we also will have less people attacking us due to being in the largest alliance. i think this would be a good idea to help us hold on to our mds.
  15. well i was thinking about that yoda i will prolly get to around 320k mds come cash out time i think that would be close to 70 dollars. but if i dont cash out i will have plenty at the next cashout deadline. but we would still run into the same problem with the settlement deal. i think we need more members to be able to take advantage of the bonus.
  16. ok well i would recommend coming over to domination cause i am prolly gonna cash out. that would kill the bonus for us. i am right at 260kmds and i figure i can get another 60k in the next few days cause i still have about 2kmoves. i also think i can sell my two blue cards and two yellow cards to get the rest i need to cash out. and what ever i have before cash out i will give you toby so it will help you out. if there is anything left.
  17. the owner made it so that the homesteads that are inactive int a months time become wht you are coming across. not sure why but he said that we needed more homesteads to be that way.
  18. I enjoy bob and tom too. But Howard has all the nakedness and doing things that i have always wanted to do to women. lol
  19. I recommend staying inside the 400 coords due to the fact you can get star cards. star cards equal moves moves equal more mds. I think that if you do go out you want to be able to make a week out of it. So save you survival packs and then use them to stay out there. I think paying to get to 20-20 is a lot of help. It also helped i bought 3500 moves and they gave me 2000 moves free twice. in that time period i was able to upgrade and just go nuts on settlements and get all ten star cards and cash in explor cards four times. so i got 10 dollars the first two times i cashed the explor cards and
  20. get you attack and defense like yoda said dont worry about anything else. also get radar to level two and join a large alliance it will help with your mds take. i am also hoping i can cash out this month also i have about 40 worth of mds right now i figure if i can get it to 80 i will cash out and start over. now that i am all the way out in bfe i think i can start cashing out a lot each month.
  21. you just keep getting the ones you can and just hit anyone with that settlement attack card. im over 500 settlements now so maybe between me and yoda we can come back to fcp and get the same bonus that we are getting now cause it dont matter if im in a alliance now. I can get the bonus now matter what all youneed is over 150 settlements.
  22. If you find me you are more and willing allowd to hit me up i hope i help you on mds. Also I will give a list in a few hours of people you can hit up if you give me you relative location. I would gladly help you out there.
  23. They made changes to it not sure what all of them are yet. I have noticed that im getting lesser amounts of star cards now. But getting larger amounts of mds.
  24. raceChad racing the horse this weekend pretty funny at the end of it.
  25. Your Exodus 3000 StatsMars dollars 28549 MDMoves remaining 0Anytime moves 1999Total moves used 52132Settlements joined 2405Weapons level 20Defense level 20Intelligence level 6Security level 6Radar level 3Scouting missions 1550Successful scouting missions 903Scouting missions done on you 149Successful scouting missions done on you 108Attacks 5257Successful attacks you've performed 4736Mars dollars recieved from your successful attacks 66280 MDMars dollars lost from your failed attacks 6534 MDAttacks on you 181Successful attacks on you 143Mars dollars you won from failed atta
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