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  1. hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday.
  2. this shiet's been going on at primapoker for yrs. i guess other networks are hopping onto it for a quick buck.
  3. a suit w/ a fancy tie trying to steal his client's money. ya don't say.
  4. But you have forgotten to mention the other side of this issue...You can only lose 1k chips in any one hand. yes, i can only lose 1k in any one hand. But you have forgotten to mention the other side of this issue... the opponent w/ 3k can also only lose 1k against me in any given hand therefore certain decisions are different when playing against a small stack than a big stack.lets say player A, B, and C are at the same table. players A and B has a 3k stack while player C only has 1k. are you saying that in every situation at a nl poker table that player A will play his big stack against playe
  5. Are you guys even considering yourself pokerplayers??? you are clearly lost on the argument and haven't the slightest clue what is going on in here. pls go take a nap and leave the poker discussion to the few of us who had actually comprehended the subject at hand. really, pls go away. and keep telling people they can't become professional poker players like it's an impossible feat or something while they take your money.
  6. and a well known person who NEVER played the game before sits down with $10k... look, even if i were stupid enough to take $500 up against a $10k uber-donk, his chip stack will lower my edge against him. this is where his advantage is.
  7. Now if you sat at a $5/$10 NL game with $500........anyone sitting at my 5-10 nl game w/ $500 not planning on doing a hit and run is a fish.and a well known person who NEVER played the game before sits down with $10k...yeah, i'm pretty sure this apllies to daniel negreanu. "look ya, a donk w/ $125k. wooooohoooooooo."
  8. quoted: daniel negreanuthere is NO ADVANTAGE to buying in for moredoesn't matter if daniel's buy-in was 125k, 3k, or 4k. as long as he was one of the biggest stack at the table, there will be an advantage, and the statement quoted from him above is false.
  9. Let's suppose Daniel sat down at the table with precisely one dollar more than the biggest stack. He just plopped down said "I'll have what he has, and another white."Does he have an unfair advantage? not especially. It's his right to buy-in for that much. does he have an unfair advantage? nodoes he have an advantage? of course he doeseverytime you sit down at a nl cash game table where you have the biggest stack of 3k or 125k where he can win the maximum amount of money from any particular player in any particular pot, it's an advantage. a player w/ a stack size of 1k in a 5-10 nl game can no
  10. i admit tgavin99 seems like a complete douchebag but if daniel couldn't take a little criticism, he wouldn't had a forum called full contact poker. there's no need to bytch and moan everytime someone steps on his toe.
  11. i honestly don't think you would be a favorite daniel. although i believe i could be wrong in this assumption but one assumption i won't be wrong about is that when two players of equal skills sit at a nl table, one w/ 2k the other w/ 125k, clearly you will agree that the player that has 125k will have an advantage over his equally skilled opponent who has 2k. now lets take it back to the wynns some days ago. daniel negreanu sits down at the 5-10 nl table w/ 125k. are you suggesting that you were the worst player at the table and that your opponent could actually taken advantage of your big st
  12. There is no advantage- the only person/people who it makes a difference to is people who understand simple math and simple logic.fyp
  13. If there is no advantage to buying in for more...than why does everybody (including Doyle Brunson) advise that you buy in for the maximum...... So you win the maximum when you get big hands you nitwit. Next question. THIS THREAD IS FUNNY.
  14. how many times can you all-in w/ your topset vs. daniel's flush draw and his 125k before he takes all your money.
  15. No offense, and you aren't the first person to say something like this, but there is NO ADVANTAGE to buying in for more. There is NOTHING unfair about it. haha, yes there is nothing unfair about buying in for a absurd amount of money. as long as it is within regulations, play ball. but saying there is NO ADVANTAGE to buying in for more is just plain ridiculous and i can't believe someone of your statue would say something like that. only a freaking moron would buy into that crap.really enjoyed the blog daniel but do you really have to go around saying you can beat the crap outta every live nl
  16. jordan berkowitz, I'M RICK JAMES BYTCH!!
  17. Dealer: Game #2611463447: Panella86 wins pot (429000)Panella86: JORDANPanella86: BPanella86: EPanella86: RPanella86: KPanella86: OPanella86: WPanella86: IPanella86: TPanella86: ZPanella86: dont forget itPanella86: i meanPanella86: im drunkPanella86: lolPanella86: lolPanella86: 14 beers inPanella86: wow whoever just said thatPanella86: is so rightPanella86: 1-2- 20 beers inPanella86: makes u way betterPanella86: seriously thoughPanella86: im 18Panella86: at homePanella86: 18 yr olds can hangPanella86: its called collegePanella86: lolololPanella86: barry and greg talking girlsPanella86: whats ne
  18. thing about poker is that you can break a leg and still be able to play.
  19. damn, i must still be high. this ain't funny at all?
  20. whao can you tell which one is dan druff and which is neverwin?http://clan-nwp.com/
  21. what's the purpose of chip dumping in a cash game?
  22. really?i don't wonder the interent rails that much but from what i've heard the list is not that big....mahatacrazyhorsemagicpitchTheGrandOneGabe1hmmmm leaving out alot of names..maybe you guys can list some.
  23. oren halling aka h@llingol of pokerstars.best internet nl player? discuss....
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