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  1. That new Wikipedia entry is not a new source -- it is directly sourced off the original message board post from "Poker Network" site. If there is any seperate sourcing it would be interesting to hear.
  2. From stuff on another forum, it looks like INSTACASH is not going to work right away and that Bodog is keeping Neteller support for the moment while working out the logistics on ending their relationship with Neteller entirely. I'm sure more will be clear in the coming days. I wouldn't worry about cashouts for the moment, I'm sure Bodog's worry is Neteller leaving them hanging on a deposit. If a player deposits $1k via Neteller, Bodog lets you play it immediately while the transaction gets settled. It's that uncertainty that has Bodog covering themselves, IMHO.
  3. Do you have additional evidence such as a regular deposit (NOT INSTACASH!) rejected? Because when I click CASHIER, Neteller is still the first on the list. I have not tried to deposit.
  4. Agreed -- though for the past 6 mos prior to their no-US policy, I wasn't getting any bonus offers -- so my account must've been tagged by marketing as "plays for bonus only."I'm having plenty of fun on other sites, but that was the perfect site to 4-table full ring limit HE.
  5. Ugly story, yuck. They have a couple things in their favor:-Their signup T&Cs probably allow them to take your money for virtually any reason they want, and probably also make reference to Canada.-Legal jurisdiction is probably Costa Rica. Good luck.So...IMHO all you've got is the powers of persuasion and publicity. Make a well-documented post without threats or whining, but asking for help/advice at the 2+2 forums. Go to the INTERNET GAMBLING forum. Several industry people read there, so it can't hurt. Ignore trolls/flamers -- there are often "SITE XYZ stole my money!" posts that tu
  6. It is my understanding Bodog does not permit sites to advertise rakeback for their site, you'll need a buddy-referral or personalized offer to get it.
  7. Having reads is important, IMHO. So when multi-tabling prevents you from that info for the bubble, that's the cap. For now, I can only go with 2 tables. When you're in the bubble stages, it helps to know that a big stack to your left will call big raises or will play more cautiously. It helps to know that a guy to your right is playing aggro on the bubble to help decide whether to call his all-in with AJ, or whether he's conservative to only do this with AK, AQs and high PP.
  8. The book probably has better "true crime" appeal than pure poker appeal like Holden's "Big Deal" or similar. I really liked this book a lot. At the beginning, I was distracted by the Binion murder topic -- I wanted a poker book. But soon I was riveted and became completely engrossed in the book. A nice read. You can buy hardcover copies on via Amazon Used sellers pretty cheap, too.
  9. FWIW, I have occasionally reported extremely abusive chat at tables myself. If someone wants to play some "get everyone on tilt" metagame -- it can be done without vulgarity and profanity. Table chatter can have value, but driving customers away is silly.Lots of people play poker for fun. I often play at a very tiny site and have heard recreational players sometimes talk about playing there because "everyone is so nice, at SITEX everyone is just so mean." We _WANT_ the recreational players in the game.In any event, it is the site that makes the real decision on suspending a player's chat.
  10. Great question -- I don't play PLO but I have checked out the tables and given other action on the site I would assume so. For the games I play -- low-limit full-ring HE is a pretty good game. If you get a table that's too tight, I just jump off. 6 Max is a classic wild ride. The Low-limit NLHE I have played there has shown some bad calls of my overbets.PLO traffic is best during evening in Europe -- many Tribeca sites have a lot of Euro members. So the added benefit of the site is that you can get some action earlier in the day/early evening there and then move elsewhere late night if yo
  11. Almost all employers will NOT want an employee gambling at work - even if it is just 1c/2c playing around, you will forever be tagged with the "gambling at work" concern.
  12. Yeah -- at a minimum, I think it is worth noting what players' raising standards are after you play a fair amount with them. And certainly note what a player will RR / Cap with post-flop. Do they RR with just a flush draw + overs? Do they RR with TPTK? Or does a RR always mean 2pr or better or even Set or better.
  13. Interesting. While I agree with Phil Gordon in principle, especially given the couple highly publicized (in forums) issues with the multi-account PokerStars guy -- it's the "proven" part that would be a problem. Poker sites don't need to worry about proving anything -- it's their site with their own T&Cs. If they want to kick you off because they don't like your avatar they can. So if they want to call you a cheat without a thorough investigation by one of their "support staff," they can.What if an online player fudges around so that he can open a rakeback account at an online site, ev
  14. I've always had pretty prompt response from Bodog support -- plus I believe their email reply gives a phone number so you can contact the agent live. Try that route and let us know how it works out. I'm sure you'll get your money.
  15. My thoughts on alternatives -- I've played many sites, but not UB & Full Tilt (maybe someday!). So others can give you input on them.First off, I think you'll have to bounce between several poker sites, since it is hard to match the virtually unlimited reload bonuses from Absolute.PokerStars -- they have 4 or 5 reload bonuses a year, so doing these is a must. Low-% RB equivalent from FPP points if you are a high-volume player and can get gift certificates with it.Tribeca -- I only have played at Doyle's Room, but they don't deduct bonus from rakeback. I have RB there, so while clearing
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