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  1. I get it in with the nuts and get called by a combo draw, I'm ok with it. I dont 4 table, I dont bust and am happy to play over-aggressive players online bc of situations like the one above. Its a seperate opinion. Ive made a living at this game for 2 years and differ in opinion from anyone apparently in the forum. Its not a know it all attitude, its just paid my bills for 2 years and its how I play and what I believe. I live the dream! Ill go 5 table 5-10 now and come back whining to tell you how right you were. Ha. nh.
  2. Yes I have folded 2nd set, but that was after playing pot control until the river instead of brutally shoving your chips in with a 30% chance to win against a pat hand. Part of your thought process is why I cant play 1-3 anymore. Graduate to a higher level with all that skill!... And to be fair its 11 outs.
  3. The simple fact of the matter is you are getting your money in bad and losing everytime you push in that spot against the two "worst case senario hands" And if you decide to put someone on a range that includes smaller flush draws, how do you not put a kj in their hand? It was only 3 times the blind and NOT deep stacked. I mean KJ makes sense to someone who plays no limit. They gin and your drawing to 9 outs. For all your money. Its a losing play and in the long run will suck up your bankroll.
  4. Try playing higher limits and justifying a push in deep stack play. Would you really push 3k into the pot there in a 10-20? If so where do you play. I'd love to be in that game!
  5. So you pushed all your money into a pot to defend .75 cents on a draw. Give em credit for the nuts and pound them later. I think you may have misplayed it.
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