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  1. All of what you are saying are reasons/arguements for banning online gaming. However the First and Foremost reason is as jjgoldy said is to ensure that all the $ being gambed in the states online is being taxed and regulated by the US government. They wanna Cash in too! otherwise its an export that they could have otherwise capitalized on. And they will! As long as they can somehow enforce from gambling on internationaly operated online casinos, it won't take long for them to somehow implement their own gaming control and regulations to ensure taxing with either state run or privatly run onlin
  2. I also agree, the book is a must read! Especially if your a poker player.And yes their is a movie, its pretty good, but like strate said, the book is much much better.I also agree, the book is a must read! Especially if your a poker player.And yes their is a movie, its pretty good, but like strate said, the book is much much better.
  3. Hi,Even though I am Canadian, I feel that this new legislation is extremely unjust. As a neighbor to the United States I often feel sorry for the millions of people who are living in a country run by idiot puppets who do what the opportunistic assholes tell them to . But without going on a political rant I would just like to post my email that I just sent to eBay. Petoria's email to eBay was well written so I used his/her letter and simply altered it to reflect my opinion and circumstance. Anyways, I think the more people who copy, paste, alter, and send this type of letter to eBay, the better
  4. The blog.....Keep up those blogs Dan!.....It's awesome reading about the lifestyle you live, how you got their, people you meet along the way, and things you do along the way, and of course opinions on the various subjects you cover within them.
  5. I was their in late February and yet it was advertised as a possible game I never saw it being played at any table. For the 4-5 days I was their, the only games were 5-5 no limit hold em (main game), usually one or two 5-10 no-limit hold em tables, and the occasional 10-20 no-limit hold em, and on my last day (Thursday) they had a 2-5 no-limit hold em B) game going. With that said, they will open up virtually any type of hold-em or omaha table given the demand for one is met. B) JK
  6. Yeh,, thats why the beer sucked!....its ICE!OH YEH, Canada is the best!!!ps. I live in an igloo!
  7. Ya,,, gotta love the "geez" after his explanation!....and then the headbanging just tops it off.....Is this guy a Genious!Note to Fullhouse: YOUR STUPID....AND NOT TOO MENTION..... CREEPY LOOKING!
  8. "Fullhouse7 Posted: Wed, Dec 21st, 2005 9:41 Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heads up---why does a team make any difference vs. a "lone" player. Yes, betting patterns are definitely more difficult to interpret playing a team of 4. Just play as you would at a 5 handed table. Jeez Fullhouse7 " Your an idiout FULLHOUSE7!Why would you play as you would a 5 handed game if its a 2 handed game....?, regardless of the fact that you know more than one person may be your opponent at any given time. Its still a 2 handed game!!!The best
  9. Yeh I still live in an igloo up here.......they've really come a long way in the last few years...we now have electricity and can connect are computers to this little ice box...its really magnificant...you guys (americans) should read up on it. Unfortuatly my pet penguin has to live outside the igloo now though, poor guy,,,,last week he froze his wing.....and couldn't fly!
  10. Jeepster80125 Posted: Thu, Dec 15th, 2005 9:14 Post subject: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I thought he made so much money because he figured out how to see the flop before it came. " Nope...Hitman....C'mon............what do you think really happened to Stu Unger!....lets just say Stuey owed the mob a lotta $, but everybody allready knew that anyway!
  11. I don't know how many times I've argued about this......but Zee Justin's real name is Justin Bonomo!!!............and he started his poker career with a rather large bankroll acquired from being a MAFIA Hitman!....I don't think he does any more jobs for the mob though....but you never know....maybe the odd job here and their....but Poker's been treating him well these days so I don't see any need for him to be involved in the 'underworld' any longer.
  12. I havn't played their for a couple of months now.......I was thining about re-loading...but maybe I'll just wait for some free cash first!!!
  13. Justin Bonomo is ihis name....never seen his birth certificate but thats what it says on his website!
  14. His name is not Zee,,,, his first name is Justin though,,,,can't remember his last name, but I saw him playing a final table on the EPT (I Think it was EPT) or maybe an online site promoted tourney in Europe that aired earlier this year.
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