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  1. True true, gotta agree with that. he did play like a donk and thus deserved to lose it. but part of the movie also seems to portray that Mike thinks he's a freaking awesome player and 'outplayed' johnny chan at the table and had nothing (which they didn't describe that hand that much)...how mike can read everyone, brags to the professor that he can play without even looking at cards....ok well true then, yea it shows what happens if you're a donk. lose it like a donk. but he portrats himself like a 'shark' sitting at the Taj beating tourists. well sharks don't play like donks in general. yea.
  2. I'm sure this has been all discussed before...but anyways, does anyone else agree on the following things about the first big hand that blew away Mike in Rounders againsts KGB?1. Mike raises to $150 on the button (it looked to be 3x bb?) with a modestly good hand . He gets called. Thus we can assume KGB has a semi-decent hand. 2. Flop comes A98 with two spades. Mike flops two pair and bets $2000. This would have been literally 2x the pot of about $1025. Ok, that's fine that he overbet the pot, but already suspicious. A) who bets $2k on a $1k pot. B) mike should've realized HE GOT CALLED for $2
  3. And just another thing, is obviously any of us could just call up the Wynn poker room and pretend we're interested in setting up a heads up match - e.g how do we go about doing it, blah blah and i'm sure the poker manager will tell us he doesn't arrange it through Wynn anymore -- i.e. no longer officially associated with Wynn.
  4. It would not be unheard of if the contract was up - it's very reasonable to have had a short term deal, see how things work out, and then go from there. I would also note that the Wynn website (wynnresorts.com) used to have a page on the poker section that talked about the Heads Up Challenge games with him and to call to set one up - but of course now, they don't have that page up anymore - obviously another sign that the deal isn't on anymore. Clearly, Danie's playing at Bellagio is a sign that things changed and obviously $200k for him isn't much incentive to play over there - where as you
  5. i agree and disagree, but enjoy this discussion.i think that NL heads up varies as you go from low stakes to higher stakes but definitely at the highers stakes, let's face it, you're not going to necessarily or at least, commonly, be playing fishes. probably at $20 and up you're playing some halfway decent players. and the chances in THEORY aren't much more than 50-50 because two relatively decent players in heads up -- it's going to come down to a couple of all-ins.like the other guy said, you can be a great great player, and wear the opponent down to 30% of his stack - but instantly he can b
  6. How do you feel about playing higher limit heads up SNGs? my theory is that isn't it tough? The reason being that if you're playing at $200 level, you're BOTH probably pretty darn decent. The problem is that i would think therefore, that the games could be pretty close to 50/50 if you play a lot of them. But after playing 4 games and being 50/50 --- you are actually down $40 because you had to pay a $10 rake on EACH game! $40 is pretty heavy....This is what i've found to be somewhat of a problem on heads up matches because they are more 50/50 then a full table SNG. i'mi sure even relatively de
  7. i would agree with the caveat that there are some very mixed players on the 5-20 heads up SNGs on FTP. on the low limits either people are just terrible or people have no patience. i've seen a $5 game that has barely started (stacks relatively similar sized too) and i bet, he raises, i re-raise and he goes all in with 2/3 offsuit and a draw to nothing. umm, did he really have to go that quick? taht's why imo the $5 games are a gamble cuz ur playing against such a wide variety of ppl.
  8. i meant the low end is $5+0.25. The rake is typically always 5%. Which by the way -- how does this compare with the rakes of other sites -- UB, pp, Stars, etc?? i've always wondered. I totally agree that FTP should have more variety of games including more cash game heads up tables. RIght now they only have like a high stakes (like $200/400) limit game or just tourney heads up. i'd like to play a cash game no limit or more structured heads up cash games.
  9. FullTilt has tons of heads up SNGs ranging from $5+0.50 to $100+5. they fill up and go pretty fast so you can always get a game on within a minute or so.
  10. you must be playing at Lucky Chances? I'm from the bay area and know all about it. 3/6 there is rediculous. i used to play there for fun until it's just turns into 5-card draw. ie anyone with anythign will stay in until the river. it's no good. if you are SUPPPPER patient and only play the best hands and then still some things go your way, you can win. but otherwise you're just playing against 9 other ppl who all draw and you have to hope your hands hold up.
  11. Exactly - so which is correct:if the pot is $10 and you need to call a $5 pot, you are investing $5 to win $10 - that is a 2-1 payout. which is 66% miss and 33% hit. Or is the right answer, you want to call only $3.30 to win $10 pot because that's 33% and you will be right about 33-38% of the time and hit your flush. For this example, we are assuming that someone is betting the pot and you need to call the pot sized bet to see the card. also, how did you guys calculate 1.9:1 and 2.2:1 ? i always thought of it as the first scenario, which is also like roulette:if you bet $5 on the first 1/3 r
  12. Great thanks --- this is pretty helpful. Well i guess the answer is that if there is more than just heads up in a NL situation, ie 3 way action total in the pot (including yourself), and you had one pot sized bet and then another call and THEN action is to you to call $5 in what is now a $15 pot, the odds are there to call. but heads up, it is not really there. maybe if you have a draw to the nut flush or have an AK or hope that an AK pops up to pair you, feel better to call also.in limit action you have to look at each round to calculate, but is it wrong to think that actually, the odds here
  13. Hi guys, quick question on pot odds:a) Do i understand this correctly? For example's sake, let's just say it's heads up. Let's say you flop a flush draw, and there is $5 in the pot. The other person bets $5 to you. If you call, aren't you getting 2:1 payback, and since the odds of hitting the flush are 2:1 against you, (about 33% with 2 cards to come if you play to the river), aren't you getting exactly the right odds to call? B) the odds would be slightly less for an open end straight draw, since there are only 8 outs, wherease the flush is 9 outs, so to call a pot sized bet, you are getting
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