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  1. i think my dead hamster, stimpy, is on wikipediapeople, including myself, have said hachem is slightly arrogant.but he plays good, and i think if i won the wsop and became an overnight superstar, i would not be unaffectedso please dont blame me when it happens
  2. if you cant win at 1 2 nl online, quit poker. go home and be a family man.
  3. http://http://www.davebudd.org.uk/VCSC/vicki3.jpg/imgNOwhat am i doing wrong????
  4. ****ing vicky coren just won it apperently£500,000i am sick with envy
  5. american gladiators was the ****step the **** offthey made an english one
  6. ill keep this short and sweet.my names tom and i ****pm meand dont go try change me babe
  7. me and my friend had an argument about whether or not chris moneymaker says "low cards" before, or after he see's dutch boyds hand in the 2003 main event (when dutch moves all in with QK on a 9 high board and moneymaker calls with edna's) we call 33 edna's)$1,000,000 for anyone who can guess why we call them that. we bet £100 on it and i have yet to find the footage so i thought id throw it up here.any ideas?
  8. MaryKay1965 (Observer): hey gus, ? for u, how much do u typically win or lose in one day of playing online poker?Gus Hansen: it varies a lot mary kDealer: Gus Hansen wins the pot ($1,000)MaryKay1965 (Observer): 100k?Gus Hansen: can win and loose more than a 100MaryKay1965 (Observer): wow, ok tyLadyRoyal24 (Observer): whats the most you have won and lost?MaryKay1965 (Observer): me or gus?Gus Hansen: 300 win 200 lossthis conversation just took place on fulltilt where hansen is playing ballsrider (benyamine?)gus just misclicked for a 10k pot loss, and claims to be steaming about it.this is me re
  9. to me, that shannon shorr looks like a very, very good player.he seems a bit like stu ungar.i expect to see him be massive.
  10. calling with top pair makes all the sense in the world to me.when you raise you throw a lot of money out there with just one pair.however i think the main objective in just calling lies in your opponents hand.if they have nothing and you raise them you just lose them. this seems stupid.if you rais ethem and they play with y ou theyre likely to have top pair beat.so by calling you allow them to continue to play if they have nothing.it does require some more judgement, but esp on high stakes, the players all use a large amount of it.this is espescially true of 1 2 nl and 2 4 nl online, where th
  11. i carebut i cant see why anyone would play fixed limit in this day and age of pokeryou get maximum vlue for your hand sso play PL and when you get the nuts youll break people for all though dough.ideally id play no limit so you can just move all in bcos s youll always be called.but no rakeback on stars so PL it is.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-NEC-20-LCD-MONIT...1QQcmdZViewItemthis any good for two screening?ok resolution?thanks for any help.
  13. doyle brunson, stu ungar, chip reese, johnny chan, phil ivey
  14. sounds like theres a high probabilty you would have been dead moneyps wtf are you in a bar drunk and looking to play people hutry and get some hu action with some ****ing womenside note, kings actually play like aces on the flop provided there's no ace outside not to side note.. i was wasted last night aswell. and at some point i walked in the road, and this car swerved and beeped. i thought nothing of it until this guy comes up and taps me on the shoulder, mid 40's, pony tail.he says in irsh accent " wtf are you doing mate?" i said im sorry and he said "you better be, cos this is serious. ill
  15. great dane, ****ing rofloljayvegas is 100% right. RAB wtf shut up.one of a kind the documentary is pretty good.prettty... preeettty good.download it from the poker bay.let convenience be a reason.
  16. a ) this is a good handb ) wtf did the other guy havec ) you think your big time? you're gonna die big time!
  17. dont mistake arrogance for cockiness.i did however think it was funny when hachem said"get a life, you **** heads"about players that didnt sign autographs
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