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  1. POKERSTARS9 players..blinds at 100 200 with all 9 still inthats from 10 20to 15 30to 25 50to 75 150to 100 200it must have been 48 mins noone gone.... unbelievable.and everyone acting fast aswell.
  2. anyone know what episodes of the WPT are the really good ones..like the one with the poker authors, ie sklansky helmuth brunson...thanks for helping me, im trying to download em.
  3. i wouldn't assume that he had it form the way he's played the hand.but why would he be getting so involved? the only question is whether or not he is a particularily good player.most players are gonna get very active with aces in that situation...which is what i think he has, i think hes lost his mind with a pair of aces.are you gonna say what happened?
  4. the point is, i just f**king hate it when you log off a site and there is a goodbye message saying thanks for playing... f**k off, if i have just done my bollox then i dont want a wave goodbye.
  5. when you have a reoccurring nightmare where you have aces in the big blind, with someone all in for $2ooo and your laptop is in one long loss of connection!TheWatchMan.
  6. it was on ladbrokes (username - allshookup), which i have no qualms telling, and americans cannot play on there in any event. i play on stars if your so insistant on coming to play such a fish, username is funnily enuff TheWatchMan. i assumed i would get a lot of unconstructive, useless, criticism when i posted this reply. esp from rock's who feel that value and conservative plays are the only way to play and would never make a big bluff. you do get a feel in any game of poker.sapphire tiger made a good point.. ty.friendly forum.
  7. I believe that conventional no limit holdem says that if you can be reasonably accurate in putting your opponent on a hand then you should run with it, ie play there hand as best you can to make the most money/chips.Here is an example of when i sensed weakness and it went horribly wrong, i would like some opinions.I was playing No Limit $2.50-$5 online (6 handed).. I began the hand with $450. I made it 30 to go from underthegun with KT offsuit (sue me).I got one caller from the small blind (who had app. equal stack), and then came a flop of A82.He checked, and i proceeded to bet $50, and (not
  8. I used to have flat hair, then i put it up when i came back from holiday with a tan, and blond hair.my friend called me baywatch, and it stuck.then it was watch or watchy and now it is TheWatchMan.voila.
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