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  1. this is a very pure mind you have foool!!! because I dumb numb bones don't play internet (fake) poker. Meet me live for 1k2k blinds at limit hd I will be your new morgate banker (if you can even pay 1k a month let alone a minute)
  2. to much postive re enforce ment makes a dull boy this is a proven fact so Daniel what happen with Gus? Maybe tell us what the difference was? I know 4ofK is rare and reading lets you call more so put me up on this one can you ever? (is that a mistake or the expectation will cover that) I would love to here what if anything could come after flop a set thing, which is near common knowleg;
  3. If you study poker very hard at all then you should understand that 99% of poker is not about micro limits but middle limits so all your studies are a waste if you plan to play 2ds playing 2ds is a very single mined game and doesnot contain any but a very few narrow parameters of all poker so get out of them if you cann't pay the higher buyins say 20d sng then get a job or learn the arcane sceince of small stakes, the bankroll think you got is wierd no bankrolling system or advice pertains to anyone in fear over using 50 buck total maybe a day but not total. So quit being an addict
  4. Start by deciding if you are best;hand ranging is only for tight games with preflop raises and many folds (what kind of trash he has doesn't matter) small games which this is don't have much need for reads just play the odds and drag them down. Reads are for big games.
  5. I think Daniel here takes odds in tourneys for all his chips but perhaps not early; Look up the high stakes gambler named Eric L He Takes alot of odds also Hansen who I think would most likely agree with you> I have done that many times in my old online play but live I would really want to know more.
  6. I won't check the hearts type hands on demand as you suggest; in the name of mixing it up and also as a seme bluff (depending) also I find nothing in a rainbow board that institutes a bet I think your own hand matters more; but none of this pertains to pot limits as for that I would also like to hear what if any difference that makes. Say you bet the pot with two aces or half with a draw what does any of that change anything besides the slightly extanted odds?
  7. In small stakes Om playing nuts is the only way so that you didn't know, with more cards and the redraws this game takes some better products when up against loose or bad players then Texas. Flushes are much lower in power expression then; any pair on board with everone still in the pot makes for a very limited hand. Just start withn the hard nuts , drive out players to thin the field and realize that there are a lot of Aces in play on any mutiway pot. You can fold alot and clear.
  8. Ya I am saying that that is a talent with much more depending on very complex things. One could be reading hands, in limit you have to remain in the hand and not loss the pot if you have odds and maybe reads save one bet? but in NL you read for maybe all your table stake thousands; pot odds are not as powerful so playing a hand for its present qualities freflop has not to much carry. To put it another way the writer of the tournment books Dan Harrington states that No Limit isn't really a card game but cards are used as a pretext for a complex gambling contest. Back in the pre boom days onl
  9. Limit holdem is a theoritical game that can be learnd were as Nolimit has no sure theory that can equalize players there is no amount of learning or practice etc. will put you above D Brunson ; Highstakes NL is not something you can improve and move up to as you can in limit. I play limit for this reason around that I can practice and improve I do play NL but never want to delude myself as to how good I am or would be; someone like Phil Lak seems a simple gamblin man but he has really improved playing at NOlimit a game full of deception and making others think you are wrong. So I don't fool ar
  10. So far my goals are going thismonth at poker I am winning at the higher limits 200/400 even at a tight table. Also gambling is were the money is and the NFL is paying out I am hiting the Jackpot last weel 9-1 only losing a bet on Philadel; Pittsburg is to strong to bet the books make the line all one sided to keep you offf them. It is interesting the change from drawing to bluffing that loose /tight gives you I have learn thus that one important decision in poker is how much you will make, not just rate these kind can fuel victory.
  11. I plan to move out of small stakes Limit and move up to high stakes( which I am doing) 200/400 also start playing NL deep stacks again; but I am taken away from poker by NFL and sports betting which I like when I don't have to work. Poker is the work; also hunt down some rich private games were some big race horse owners play poker and lose 20 grand a day there are some good games going on if you can get into them the private market. So for high stakes you meet more tight players and raises but it is very loose in a private game of monied owners and bookies. I am going into soccer betting als
  12. I won't have to take it to him he lived here and visits some times; so divey up and pay how about the odds that my IQ is double yours? No a more realist bet you have a chance at, perhaps your polotics is showing through? I will forget it but keep your name for future use.
  13. I am sure your ignorant and rude comments are just the kind here. I don't need to know how uneducated you are or the consensus you speak abouts boring going no were waste of time loser poker is. I can back up my grammar with Cal Berkeley professors were as you can milk low mental voltage.
  14. An other turn you can give him is to leave the table; many players who have rivered me etc then leave with all the maoney! This would burn him and equal the score. In live games if he was to hard the dealer would help, they don't allow much distraction.
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