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  1. I haven't been since last June. Several Twitter sites you can check with (Vital Vegas for one). It's been rough.
  2. LONG overdue. I predict he makes the FT 3rd in chips and knocks out 4 players to win it.
  3. At Your Seat - A player must be at his or her seat when the dealer delivers the first card off of the deck in order to have a live hand. BIG difference between AT a seat an IN a seat!!
  4. No new featured members since Aug 2nd. Time to declare this forum dead? Or will everything revive when online poker gets a revival thru the new Vegas sites?
  5. Yet another reason to make a WSOP site part of my home page set!!!! Thank DN and all the mods here for all you do!!!
  6. http://www.tmz.com/2012/05/14/mitchell-guist-dead-swamp-people/
  7. Spent $3 to win a $33 seat ticket. Going for the $33 deep stacks on RPM.
  8. Since that was earned overseas is it a different tax rate?
  9. End of first hour on RPM $109 $150K gtd at $15k. AK > AQ AIPF. 20+ min late entry left
  10. Won a $109 seat on RPM tonight. Hoping for a rainy day this weekend. Here is to a successful weekend for all.
  11. Won another $109 seat today without even playing. Maybe I can run good on this one.
  12. Well Done Lisa. I won a freeroll into the $109 Maximus. They paid 252 palces, but I was in the 400s. Still happy.
  13. Just won a $109 entry in a freeroll. Gonna be a good weekend!!!!
  14. You Uber-Yankees (aka Canadians) are starting to piss me off!!!!
  15. Wanted to play, but work prevailed. Guaranteed $$$ > Hopeful $$$$.
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