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  1. Pretty solid episode. Not as fast paced as some episodes this season but we moved the story along. The guy that plays Tyrion is an amazing actor, he did a great job with the bedding scene. I won't spoil anything for those that haven't read the books, but I'm anxious to see what it shown the season and what is left for next year.
  2. Agreed. It wasn't too over the top and had some very funny moments. Unfortunately it's not good enough to make me forget all of the awful seasons I suffered through. The better seasons are some of the GOAT for tv comedy imo though.
  3. I can understand the hate for Erik, but why Brenda? Seems like she's done a decent job of scheming this season, though I'm obv rooting for Cochran.
  4. I downloaded the episode they chose not to air in the U.S. the other day. I don't really see what the big deal was. Basically a lady kidnaps boys then brainwashes them into thinking she and the other boys she has kidnapped are their new family. Then they go back and kill the boys' real families. Screwed up? Sure. Was it necessary to pull the episode? I don't see why. I'm enjoying the show though I was disappointed with the scene in the recent episode where they showed Hannibal cooking something then flashed to a guy running in the woods, then Hannibal butchering a slab of meat and then Han
  5. Well Dallas had a weird draft. I questioned them when they drafted Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, both of whom turned out to be pro-bowl quality LBs so what do I know. Doesn't seem like they got great value, but we'll have to wait a year or three before we can really judge them. It was fun to watch Lacy and Barkley drop, not a fan of either really. Surprised to see Barkley get drafted by a guy who was in the Pac-12, kind of makes me think I'm missing something with him... Overall Winner: 49ers. Incredible moves, great depth and even got a pick for next year too. They now have three additio
  6. This was one of the scenes I was most looking forward to after reading the books. They did a great job as usual.
  7. Any thoughts on the first round of the draft? I was surprised at how little teams had to pay to trade up. Seems like Miami and San Francisco got pretty good deals. I'm excited to see what Tavon Austin does in the NFL but Deandre Hopkins will be the best receiver from this class. I'm disappointed Manuel went to Buffalo, I'd like to see what he could do in Philly with Chip Kelly.
  8. Probably too late but looking for $25 on each, reply before the game starts and it's booked.Jaguars +2.5 (against Bills)Saints -6.5 (against Cardinals)
  9. Shipped, sorry for the delay I forgot I had the one bet booked this week until this morning
  10. Booked, glgl.Also looking for $20 on:Eagles -2 (@ Jaguars)Colts -5.5 (@ Broncos)
  11. Looking for $20 on each, can ship on PS. Reply and it's bookedBengals -3 (@ Panthers)Saints -3.5 (against Falcons)Redskins -4.5 (@ Rams)
  12. Looking for $25 each, can ship on PS onlyChiefs +3Eagles -6.5Texans -2.5Saints -5.5
  13. Devil's Playground was fairly interesting, but I really feel that they could have gone deeper with the story. It seemed they were too focused on "OMG, these Amish kids are drinking, doing drugs and having sex at 16!!" and didn't spend enough time focusing on the ramifications of raising children in this environment in today's world. The psychology behind this period of Rumspringa is very intriguing to me.I watched Skid Row on Netflix recently and was very disappointed. It centers around an area in downtown LA called Skid Row, where homeless people live on sidewalks in tents and cardboard boxes
  14. I would love to be in the pool if at all possible this season. I'm downloading some of the previous seasons now since I haven't watched all of them. I'm a little disappointed with some of the picks, would have loved to see Yao-Man again
  15. Pretty sure the closest IMAX to me is 5 hours away. I can go see it in RealD 3D at the Cinemark theater though...Might as well wait for it to come out on DVD.
  16. So the real question is do I do my shrooms during this movie, or wait till Alice in Wonderland comes out?
  17. I've been pretty much screwed since Demonoid crashed, so I'd love an invite as well
  18. +1 for getting your marriage license at the court house.I actually liked this episode, the intro was pretty funny but I happened to be eating dinner so that sucked.
  19. He may have backed off, but I'm sure he feels you DO owe him $50.And, you did not apologize for shit, all you did was defend your actions. I'm not going to quote all of your posts, because they are there for everybody to read a few pages earlier. Just because people forgot you're a douche doesn't mean you've stopped being a douche. You ARE a douche, but if people continue to place bets with you that's their prerogative.
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