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  1. Did you guys keep a leaderboard or just play a weekly tournament?
  2. I used to play in a poker league a few years back that was held in Mississauga. There was a group of 20 players that would meet once a month and play a couple of tournaments that had a leaderboard structure for finishing place. The leaderboard was updated monthly and the top ten finishers on this leader board would compete at the end of the year for the "Champions Title".There was a minor ($20) and a major tournament ($50) played each month and the turnout was great. In the second year of this league we had around 70 players total, although not all would play every tournament. I have wanted to
  3. Thanks! It's actually not until Sunday but I am celebrating early...
  4. I usually call ahead because it can be a bitch waiting for a seat otherwise. There will be a small group of us with only myself and one other guy that want to play poker so this will be towards the end of the nigth (4am or so).
  5. What is the smallest game they run at Fallsview now?I am heading up to Niagara on Friday for my B-day and will definetly be playing some cards, although i can't afford to play higher than 1/2.
  6. Well written and a great read!Keep up the good work...
  7. Sitting in 4th place right now with 8 left.
  8. Yah your right....I'm just cranky cause my legs are killing me from a run earlier this evening.
  9. Im in but do we really have to show our winning hands? I kind of just want to play with members of the community.
  10. Well I work in the morning but can always miss a bit of the day should I make a deep run.
  11. Thats friggin ridiculous! Dont think I will be playing this anymore....Thanks.EDIT: Well looks like it's to late to unregister....wish me luck!
  12. Is anyone else playing the $3 rebuy on Stars that starts at 8PM EST?Also, how long does this tournament usually take to complete?
  13. Hand 1: folding on the flop to that bet, no point in calling hoping he has a hand like KQ. Just wait for a better spot.Hand 2: It is possible he is holding a hand that flopped two pair or better being an aggro player but then again he might just have a weak Jack. I check, call a flop bet as well as the turn. His river bet makes it seem like he may have QJ but he could be making a move with a weaker J since Hero checked to him. I would do my best to keep this pot as small as possible from flop to river in order to showdown in this marginal spot.Hand 3: Probably playing this one similar to the h
  14. I received this email from FT a while ago, signed up and have been happy ever since. Is there any way to receive Rake Back on an existing PStars account?
  15. AANNNNNNDDDD im out in 40th...Thanks for the stake Edmo...sorry i blew up to hand you a bunch of chips with my pocket 88.
  16. Making the right play doesn't always work out...UGH!!!PokerStars Game #20518735350: Tournament #109055151, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2008/09/18 23:56:04 ETTable '109055151 14' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: PuckSniper23 (1270 in chips) Seat 2: GAMBLER213 (4596 in chips) Seat 3: lol@mybr (2155 in chips) Seat 4: JoeyFinngars (5608 in chips) Seat 5: BPNeji (2198 in chips) Seat 6: jivehoney2 (2150 in chips) Seat 7: BelindaSecia (2145 in chips) Seat 8: ceeriv73 (4560 in chips) Seat 9: zendolphyn (2980 in chips) lol@mybr: posts small blind 50JoeyFinngars: posts big blind
  17. was able to almost double up to 5800 with QQ against two allins and faded a third player to take it down...
  18. sitting at 3300 after having my set paid off in full...
  19. Which trouney are we playing?Also, received the stake. Thanks!
  20. JoeyFinngars (Mississauga)Can't think of anything funny to sya...sorry
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