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  1. Good Luck and take it down, or at least make the FT... :)Didnt play any of them tonight and ran poorly last night. Will probably play these againon Monday.
  2. Good read and an excellent reminder to not only pay attention to others at the table but also keep an eye on one's own play.
  3. You will get there....unfortunately it becomes a crap shoot really quick.
  4. Look under the Regional tab. It's called America's Cup and there are three events each day.
  5. It would be interesting to find out how many points it will take to qualify. Have they run this same type of system in the past?
  6. It would be absolutely wild if I made the team for Canada. Here's to positive thinking!It would be interesting to find out how many points it will take to qualify. Have they run this same type of system in the past?
  7. Plan on playing all 3 tonight since I won't get much playing time in on the weekend.
  8. Dont worry about it man I'll send you some $ later tonight!Thanks for the rail call!
  9. I'll ship you a few bucks on Stars when I get home from work. Do you plan on playing the America's Cup $0.20 events?
  10. If i calculated it right i should be around 5-7th place.
  11. Out in 3rd....made a mistake in my 2nd to last hand.....should have just pushed the turn instead of making a conservative betTHANKS FOR THE RAIL ALLJason Claytor what is your Stars name?
  12. Thanks Jason and Rose!Sitting 4/6 right now....My 2nd FT of the America's Cup Qualifiers in as many nights!
  13. If I cash in the 5.50 America's Cup tourney I will send you $1. I would send right now but my BR sucks ass at the moment.
  14. rcqs59 are you playing any of the tournaments today?
  15. Out in 4th.....had a blast once we got down to the final 4 tables.Never been so excited over a 20cent tournament before. I was playing purely for the win and not the money.
  16. I'm at the FT of the 20cent tourney right now.Sitting 4/4 at the moment.....two Canadians vs. two guys from Uruguay....pretty fun actuallyTourney # 181848490
  17. I'm playing the 0.20 tournament right now. Looking to make the FT.
  18. Great read and thanks for posting it up Gator.Reading articles like these get me pumped to play poker and excited to follow the WSOP....can't wait!
  19. Anyone that is on tilt or in a bad mood at the tables needs to listen to the Tommy Angelo episodes (7 & 8) from the Deuce Plays Podcast, Bart Hanson's new show. Tommy discuss the mental side of poker and how to remain in a positive mind frame during your entire session and how to recognize the negative thoughts/actions made at the table before it costs you.It's a really good listen and has helped me put things into perspective with my own game. I'm still taking a little time off to refresh but this will help once I hit the tables again.Thanks.P.S. king_tanner sorry for calling you a dick h
  20. I'm just tilted right now and not in a good mood, you guys aren't dickheads.
  21. What is with the dickhead replies?I thought this was supposed to be a community to discuss poker and encourage others.
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