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  2. There has been a lot of times where I am one of two people in the office so I would fire up an MTT or cash game to kill time if it's slow. I got caught once playing while putting some brochure packages together, luckily my boss was pretty cool about it. He laughed and gave me a warning, funny though he wanted to know if I ws winning and even looked at a couple of the hands I played. LOL.
  3. What do you mean by "changing their system"? Limit changes?
  4. For the past two years my Mom has been going to China in the fall and brings back some amazing knock-off's. I got this Tag Heuer last year and it is my everday watch, subtle but nice.
  5. I managed to win it, felt good after some lack luster play lately.
  6. only a $2.20 90 man but I'm 2/6 if anyone wants to rail.Tourney # 194428062
  7. Tourney # 1882895284/9JoeyFinngars
  8. I primarily play $10 Full Ring and some 6 max at the moment and was just curious about the rake.
  9. In a thread earlier this week FCPBob mentioned the lower stakes are not usually profitable due to the high rake and I was wondering at which point do the lower stakes become profitable.How would I calculate which stakes are worth playing and which are best to avoid based on the rake?
  10. I'm currently sitting 4/7.Need top three in points to keep on the points board.EDIT: Out in 6th
  11. I use the Echecks on PStars when I deposit and it is great. Money is usually taken from your bank account in about 3-5 business days but you can use the money on stars as soon as it is approved (takes about 2 minutes for me).
  12. This is true. The $50 gets shipped once the promotion is over, which I will give Jason a little something for FTing.
  13. For the Chip Lead and a good shot at being in the top 10 in points again...PokerStars Game #31263016841: Tournament #182560504, $0.20+$0.00 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (10000/20000) - 2009/08/05 0:41:10 ETTable '182560504 3' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 2: JoeyFinngars (202867 in chips) Seat 4: Impose (573700 in chips) Seat 8: recall2 (84288 in chips) Seat 9: prodave77 (138145 in chips) JoeyFinngars: posts the ante 2000Impose: posts the ante 2000recall2: posts the ante 2000prodave77: posts the ante 2000prodave77: posts small blind 10000JoeyFinngars: posts big blind 20000*** HOLE CARDS
  14. I'm at the FT of today's $0.20 tourney.Currently sitting 3/9
  15. I was told by PokerStars that once the America's Cup events are done at the end of August they will pay out the transfers bonuses.GL in th freeroll and 20cent!
  16. Currently somehwere outside of the 20 players listed on the page for Canada. I have 1375 points so I'm not too far off the map, a couple of good finishes in the tourney's tonight and I could be back in the hunt.Will be playing all three tonight and hoping to do some damage.
  17. Congrats Jason on making the FT. Tough break on the hand.And thanks for making me $50.
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