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  1. It was funny because when he came back into the room he flipped off the director. All the players started cheering but the director had no clue
  2. Tony G is starting to run over his table up to second in chipsWraptduck = tony g
  3. Even though i'm new I wanted to put in my 2 cents. I don't think DN did anything wrong here and he is not the first pro to say that he dumped his chips for one reason or another. Heres an example from Card Player where Phil Ivey said he has dumped off chips. I'm sure DN would never do this if he thought it was unethical.I did that when I didn’t have any money. I’ve played in games where I needed to win. I’d leave myself with something in case of disaster. I’ve always put myself in the situation where it hurts a little bit if I lose. It wouldn’t be fun for me to play lower limits now. It wouldn
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