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  1. Lol, I'm actually living in east bay now, Brentwood area, doing property management so I am a little further away from Bay 101. Much better chance my brother plays that, he still has the poker bug. I'm just waiting for a second boom when US opens the gate again to online poker and bad players flood the sites. :-) Anytime I get the itch to play, I just imagine myself with 20 bbs and 15 left in the Stars 100 rebuy on a Sunday with JJ facing a re raise lol. That usually fills me with enough dread to put the thought of playing out of my mind. :-)
  2. Hey allMarried now with a 20 month old baby girl named Paige, I think I've played one time in last two years (I did win that home game :-)). Once in a while I miss winning, but I definitely do not miss the grind of tournament poker. About the only poker contact I still have is through Sbrounder, who keeps me updated on whom I should be jealous of and all the craziness with the sites going down in the USA. I was given an open return policy with Bax and Sheets if I ever wanted to play again, but that was prior to the DoJ beat down. I'm assuming that was a very costly day for them.Go Dodgers, go
  3. I was at both games in La; more energy from the crowd in game 1, but that might have had something to do with how hot it was on Friday. It was pretty important to split at home; teams that lose both games at home in the LCS to start the series are 0-10, teams that split the first two are 16-10. Pretty big difference....Hopefully they can at least win one in Philly to send it back to LA for sure.
  4. You forgot Belliard (who I guess is the starter now; I have some issues with that but that's a diff subject). He has an .841 OPS vs LHP and a .749 vs RHP, which are actually lower than he has performed since joining LA.Ethier is a big one though; if he could consistently hit LHP my man crush would be complete. Having Thome on the bench will help negate the LHP out of the bullpen a bit (who do you use your top LHP reliever vs, Ethier or save him for a Thome appearance?) but that does nothing to help vs the LH starters.
  5. Like I said in my last post, my doubts about the Dodgers stem from their starting pitching. Wolf has probably been our most consistent starter all year so I don't have too many issues with him pitching, but I don't really trust Padilla regardless how he pitched vs STL. Billingsley turning into a loser didn't help their chances much.We shall see what happens, but even with home field advantage I don't think many people will view the Dodgers as the favorites in the series.And as Joey pointed out, the LHP will really only be a problem for the Dodgers when it comes to Ethier. He is a huge part
  6. I went back and forth on who I wanted them to play. Like you said, they owned the Rockies all year (14-4) and the Phillies _are_ the better team of the two. However, like in football where the old axiom is that it is hard to beat a good team 3 times in a year, playing the Rockies might have been playing with fire one time too many. I mean, the Dodgers are a better team than the Rockies, but not to the extreme in which we played them this year. In poker terminology, I think they were running above expectation vs the Rockies.A part of me also wants to play the Phillies because they are the d
  7. Yeah that showed more logic than I am used to with MLB managers and their use of the bullpen.
  8. Weeee tyty Matt Holiday; where's the animated .gif of him getting hit in the nuts?
  9. The gf is a fan, and my brother is a big fan, but if they get there and I'm going to get tickets you are more then welcome to tag along.Randy Wolfe vs Carpenter....Wainwright vs Kershaw....sigh. Best case scenario we pull something out of our ass in the NLDS and the Rockies beat the Phils.
  10. Lol, the gf actually taped it while I was playing Poppy Hills on Friday (golf brag), but I would have done the same if I was her. We have multiple friends and family members that have told us to make sure we got it on tape next time when we described it to them; I guess we just have weird friends. :)He has to sit on something like the couch to pull it off. Something soft enough that he can kind of slouch over. The funniest part to me is the tongue flicking out and how relatively gentle he is with himself.
  11. Lol, doggy porn ftw? I told the gf that it probably violates YouTube guidelines, not to mention any state or federal laws.
  12. This is the first time we have been able to get his 'activities' on camera...he always stops as soon as he knows we are paying attention. Such a weird dog....
  13. Talk about a team that looks like it is ready to get swept out of the first round of the playoffs...I said they were flawed in April (no ace) and they still are. Anything can happen once you get to the playoffs obviously, but this team is giving no indication that they are suddenly going to turn it on against better competition. I wouldn't be overly shocked if the Rockies swept them to end the year, and win the division. Same thing happened in 1996 or 95 I think vs Padres; we had a playoff spot clinched and were 3 up with 3 left at home vs SD, and they swept us to win the division via tie br
  14. The funniest part of this scenario is that Randy Wynn is their 3 hitter.
  15. Heh, Tits Mickelson won the tourney, but not the FedEx Cup and the 10m, so I have that at least. Hopefully I either win the ftp 750k (the only thing I'm left in, sigh) or bust out soon so I can try and forget about it all and watch Curb, Dexter, The Cleveland Show, Fam Guy etc etc.
  16. Yeah, catch > throw, but I'm sure in a week ESPN will have us all thinking Favre threw and caught it himself. Still an incredible throw, but I am def going to watch as little ESPN as possible over the next week to keep my tilt rating as low as possible. :)I had recorded the Dodgers game and after the Niners loss I watched it on 2x and got to see Broxton give up 4 to the Pirates in the 9th to lose. Fun day of sports for me so far....If that fat, two-faced **** Mickelson somehow wins the 10m, that might push me over the edge.
  17. I'm thinking about unregistering from the rest of the Sundays because I am so ****ing tilted after that loss.
  18. GG, wp, ulBrian Wilson putting the final nail in the coffin Thursday night brought a smile to my face, I must admit. I hate that guy. Hopefully the Giants bring back Bochy and Sabean and I don't have to worry too much about them over the next few years. Don't fall for the Penny/multi-year deal trap he is trying to get you guys with, and bite the bullet and overpay for some offensive help and the Giants will be pretty competitive next year. Sabean's moves have still kinda f'd the team (Renteria, Sanchez, etc) but you never know.
  19. Rockies finish in LA but it looks like we will clinch by then so it will probably be a healthy dose of Mark Loretta, Juan Castro, Brad Ausmus, etc.I would have much rather it been the Marlins that had a decent chance though, mainly because I think the Braves could beat the Dodgers. I'd rather play them over STL or PHI (which we will unless the Rockies choke), but I was very impressed with the Braves when they played the Dodgers. GLGL, f the Rockies and Jim Tracy.
  20. Nice, altitude clue from Merc got it for me.Hmmm...Who has the highest winning percentage of any 20 game winner?I'm out of town for a few days so I'm sure someone will get it in the meantime.
  21. Win tomorrow and maybe even Tom will post again.
  22. Meh tease, would have been more frustrating if I had watched the hand instead of minimizing the table. I just wait and hope not to hear that dreaded 'bing' noise when you bust.
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