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  1. Obviously the best play is to **** a 13 year old boy!
  3. I didn't. Custom did. He sent me a PM telling me he did so.
  4. 13 minutes! Holy shit we're on a roll!
  5. The best part is that this thread hasn't been deleted yet!
  6. Right after I **** your mom in the butt.
  7. Once again, not funny. But the upside is it goes great with your rounders quote in your sig. Bravo.I love women so much I'm going to put a picture of a hot one as my avatar!
  8. Hey this is Daniel. I'd love to play with you sometime. Just name a time and I'll be there!
  9. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...5159&m_id=65578That ought to shut you all the **** up.
  10. I wish I could do anything other then laying on the floor unconscious after drinking 1/2 that much.They really should start selling vodka by the gallon.
  11. I'm not sure why he hasn't started one. Maybe you should ask the guy I played with in a live 3/6 game Thursday. He was really confused as to why players on TV got good cards every hand and why he got so many bad cards.
  12. Wow...where'd you get the time machine. I'd really like to go back to the 1950s too.
  13. The person who posts the closest game time of when Brett Favre throws an interception to lose the game wins.I pick 1:37, 4th quarter.
  14. My predictionsgroup A 2. Costa Rica 4. Ecuador group B 2. Paraguay 3. Trinidad & Tobago group c 2. Ivory Coast 3. Serbia & Montenegro group D 2. Iran 3. Angola group E 2. Ghana 3. United States group F 3. Australia 4. Japan group G 3. South Korea 4. Togo group H 3. Tunisia 4. Saudi ArabiaGO TOGO!!!!No seriously...would this not make the best playoffs ever. I get a little wet when I think about Iran playing Ghana.
  15. I didn't know you could eat cancer.
  16. It would help if UB could ever get a ****ing qualifier off the ground. I sat in a 10+1 30 seat qualifier today for two hours and only one person signed up.
  17. if he's that rich just ask him to give you the 9M top prize. replay victory in your head.I like that idea better!
  18. Hey if you guys chip in to get me into the main event I'll gladly go away.
  19. Yeah...but I plan on marketing it as "an investment opportunity." I don't plan on paying him back, but that's only because he's a millionaire and $15k is pocket change.
  20. I have a really rich uncle and at our family Xmas I'm considering asking him to stake me for the WSOP main event as well as a couple other smaller events. Flame away.But what I really want to know is that if such a deal is reached, what would be an appropriate split up of any money earned? 50/50? 25/75?
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