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  1. I final tabled my first ever live tourney last night/this morning--it was just an $80 buy in and I went out in 9th so it wasn't a big payday or anything, but it still felt pretty good, especially since I've been running colder than cold playing tournaments online lately. What was also cool is that my dealer for the final two tables dealt on the televised final table at the Tunica Circuit event that DN won--thick guy, bald, goatee, I think his name was Scott, but it was 5-6am by that point and I'm not 100% sure of much of anything. Anyway, I'm pretty new to playing live poker and definitely n
  2. "We're goin' to Sizzler, we're goin' to Sizzler"
  3. And PPS: This post isn't motivated at all by results-oriented thinking... I was losing the pot either way. I just want some input on which play is better and maybe if I'm lucky some explanation of why people think so.
  4. Not that it matters all that much since I was so short, but I probably should have mentioned other stack sizes: bb was a little over 200, maybe 250fp preflop raiser had 450-500mid position caller was about 300.
  5. Playing live 1-2NL hold'em and was dealt JJ on the button. A maniac in first position raised $25, he had been raising probably 65-70% of the hands dealt, many times showing down A6o, A4s, whatever. One caller. Then to me. I was short-stacked with just $105 in front of me... The sb had just sat down but looked very tight. The bb was about 150 years old and extremely loose. Deeper-stacked I would probably have raised to $75-80 to get a better idea of where I was at and/or isolate, but that wasn't an option here. So what's the better play--push or just call and see the flop, letting 3 othe
  6. Thanks lac. Another question: I know most pros keep a safety deposit box at casinos with money/chips to play with. Could a regular person do the same with just a couple thousand? If yes, would it be kept in the cage at the poker room or somewhere else in the casino?
  7. I'm moving this weekend, and will be close enough to a casino to play live daily (I've only played live 3 times previously). I've done a little research--the casino offers points for play in the poker room, and it sounds like point-certification is done by a floor supervisor. So... my questions to people who play live regularly: 1. Is it worth the time/effort to register for a rewards program?2. If I do sign up, how do I make sure I get credit every time I play? Thanks for any input.
  8. I've got it now too. I wasn't going to risk paying for it online after getting screwed by the cable PPV, but this is awesome. Thanks man.
  9. Is anybody out there taping it? I ordered it, but got the black screen too; called the cable provider and they said there's no chance of them getting it... I'm pretty disappointed.
  10. I ordered it on Buckeye Cable and it wasn't showing up, so I called them. According to the girl I talked to, they can't show it because of "contract restrictions" with ESPN... She didn't know anything else. But I'm not going to get to watch it... Sucks.
  11. QFTps. this is the funniest thing i've read in a month. nice hand, suh.
  12. Got it. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  13. Could somebody please explain to me how to figure out what the maximum "pot" bet is in PLO preflop? For example: I'm doing a PLO MTT right now on PR, the blinds are 400-800, and the standard opening raise is to 2800... there's only 1200 in the pot when the raise is made, why is the raiser able to raise to 2800 as opposed to 2400? I'm sure there's a simple explanation to this, but I'm missing it at the moment. Thanks.
  14. We?! What the fuck we?? I know, I know, I have practically no posts either, but I couldn't resist.
  15. I have no idea why you would get flamed for this, it's an awesome idea. I wish I were near you--it sounds like exactly the sort of arrangement I would love to take advantage of to help improve my game. Good luck.
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