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  1. Jordan I think something got lost in translation. I will give an example of how I would play AA in 1/2 nl and you tell me if I am playing it wrong. I am in middle position and have a couple of limpers in front of me. I look down at AA and make it ten to play. Lets say I get two callers and see the flop three way. As long as two kings or two queens dont come out I will make make a 3/4 to a pot size bet on the flop.Ok lets say the same scenario and after I raise to ten I get reraised to thirty. Usually I will go ahead and push and see a flop heads up. As far as maniac tables go I just dont want
  2. I feel like I need to explain myself better. Turd makes very good points about min-raising. However, when I get AA and I re-raise the minumum what I hope will happen is that I will be re-raised again. If that happens I usually try to get all of my money in the pot heads up. Also, to Abba there is a difference between moving to a tight table and a more passive table. What I want is a table that is not making insane pre-flop bets and five way action every hand.
  3. Turd I dont know how you play AA but in an unopened pot I will raise to ten. If there is a bet in front of me say ten dollars I will reraise to 20 or 30. I know that if i bet 10 I will get action but if I raise to 20 right off the bat I risk everyone folding and dragging a very small pot.
  4. Abba I dissagree with your assertion for #5. When I get AA i usually raise to $10 dollars. I want action but normally not more than two callers. If I raise to ten and get four callers in a 5-way pot the odds my aces hold up are roughly 45%. At 1/2 I will not raise $20 becuase it is such a gross overbet. I am atight player and prefer a passive table that I feel I can control. These rules are personalized for my style.
  5. Ok guys these are five general rules that are rules of thumb for playing cash games only. I made these for my wife who has never read a poker book or visited a poker forum. I limp alot with suited connectors and even suited one gap connectors. For Turds sake I did not want to write a book on my complete strategy. I still stand by my assurtion that these rules would turn a novice or losing player into a winning player.
  6. Turd I appreciate your input, but these very general rules are definatly geared for beginners. I already assumed that winning and experianced players would scoff at them. The level of players that you find in Oklahoma is pathetic. People will call,raise with any two cards. I personally play a very tight game and these rules have helped me eliminate most situations were I was losing money.
  7. Ok guys this is a list of five rules that I made to help me and my wife become better players. We started playing 1/2 nl at our local B&M about a year ago. We were at best break even players(in other words we were losing). I came up with these rules at the end of January and since we started using them and following them we are up $2300. These are a collection of general rules that we all know but I really feel that if a novice or losing player followed them exactly then they would become a winning player also. Anyway I thought I would post them and see what kind of feedback I got.Five Rul
  8. Hey Thanks for all the responses I know I made the right plays. I play a very tight game and only push my big advantages. The title to the thread had a little built in sarcasm. The only reason I shared this was because these hands were all in succession. I ended up playing for five hours that night and left up $100. I am sorry to say that I am not spademan. I am a long time lurker who checks FCP everyday while I am at work. I am not concerned about post counts so I only post when I have something constructive to add. 13
  9. A few general rules that My wife and I use when we play 1-2 nl live.1. Tight is right. There is no reason not to sit back and relax and wait for premium hands. Remember if you buy in for $100 ten lose limp ins is a big % of your stack.2. Use the gap effect if I have a raise in front of me I will only call with a premium hand. No worse than QQ.3. Look out for two or more maniacs at your table. If people start calling your 10-15 dollar raises pre flop. Than it might be a good idea to change tables because variance will be too high.4. Only push your big advantages. If its not worth raisin its n
  10. Ok so Iwas playing 1-2 NL at the local Indian B&M. I bought in for $100 and was up around 120-150 at the time. I was playing like a rock and only playing premium hands. Everything was going great but I had three hands in a row that just left my head spinning.Hand #1 I am in middle position and it is raised to $5. I look down at QJ off and fold. The flop comes QQQ. Oh well missed opportunity.Hand #2: I pick up AA and bet them accordingly and won a nice pot.Hand #3: I look down at A3 off and just fold. I am still out of position and didnt want to get invloved with such a weak hand. Well the
  11. Sorry Tens no pics available. She is so well known because she is the only lady that has played in the big monday night tourny ever and she placed third winning 1k. She also dominates the womens tournament that she plays in on Thursday nights. She is up $1500 this week. Her results have been alot better than mine in the last month and I am the one who taught her how to play. Oh well you know the saying those who cant teach.As far as looks go I wouldnt kick her out of bed unless she wanted to do it on the floor. Wait is that joke still relavent if you are talking about your wife? Can I get a ru
  12. Isabelle Mercier Looked very atractive in her belly shirt at WPT Ladies Night III. However did anyone else see her as the tourny director at the Aviation CLub in Paris on the WPT replay Sunday? She looked very plain and unatractive.Speaking of women poker players my wife is a very atractive 21 yr old who I taught how to play about a year ago. We both play about the same amount of time in our local B&M, seperatly because when one goes to play the other stays home with the kids. When she walks in everyone says hi kinda of like when Norm walks into cheers. When I go to the poker room I resemb
  13. Hey guys long time dweller first time poster.I actually got to meet Scotty last night in of all places Roland, Oklahoma. Scotty was in town to play at the final table of a qualifying tournament that will take place in Tulsa and bears Scotty's name. Anyway Scotty was very nice and actually acted excited considering he was in such a small podunk town. My wife and I got autographs and Pics. Scotty was very entertaining at the final table and was just relentless. Unfortanately I had to leave at 8:00pm and did not get to watch the entire final table. On a side note my wife and I also played some 1
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