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  1. What would be the best rakeback site if i want to play 10-20 dollar tournaments. Im thinkin about depositing 600 on fulltilt for their 100 percent bonus.
  2. out qq vs aq couldnt hold sry thx for the stake
  3. i hate starbucks lol
  4. Chiefs2 FCPThanks alot i really appreciate it cuz ihave no money on stars.
  5. Thanks guys for all the replies. Its just the regulars at this club are so loose and its easy to get paid off but obviously Im on a downswing, but than again as mentioned I don't have the bankroll to play there. What do you guys think is the best way to get money onto and off of a poker site. I was using Neteller in the past.
  6. Sorry guys for all the grammar mistakes and no paragraphs.
  7. Poker has not been going my way lately. Since it is diffucult to deposit and withdraw money on Internet poker sites, I have gone to live poker. There is a local poker club that I have been going to. I usually take a buddy there. too. They play 1/2 Nl. They are very loose there and I feel I am one of the better players there. Anyway I have found myself dropping about 400 dollars there totally over the last month. Which may not seem a lot to you guys but it is a lot to me being a college student and only working 15 hours a week. I really feel in the long run things will go my way, than
  8. I just found out that the Mercedes Championship is going to be televised on the Golf Channel. I dont have the golf channel, and I was wondering if you guys knew about the details of ESPN no longer having their tournaments to cover on.
  9. I enjoyed the video a lot. I really liked all the b-roll during the interviews. Nice camera shots with the chips. The only thing is maybe a voice over towards the end concluding the video.
  10. Do you guys really think there is such a thing. I was watching a show on the travel channel about aleins and UFO's and they went on to talk about these flying creatures. There is video and people witnessing them but that stuff can be hard to prove. I found it pretty intersteing even though its probably just a far fetched idea. Just want to hear your opinions.
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    Thanks limewire works
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    This is the error I get is it says Itunes can only convert unprotected WMA files. So is it a copyright problem
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    I got an iPod yesterday and I gathered up all my cd's and imported them to my iPod. I have songs on Bearshare but it is not allowing me to transfer them to Itunes so than I could import it on my iPod. Does anyone know a legal loophole around that or is there any other way I could download music for free that will be compatiable with my iPod because I dont want to pay 99 cents per song.
  14. I have checked your records and confirmed that there is no pending transaction in your account. Let me explain that at this moment you have a redeemable balance in your Neteller account of $443.00.This means that on your next cashout, $443.00 will be automatically credited to that account. Any amount above that is considered part of your winnings. Because of this, we do a routine review on all winnings prior to sending them. Reason why this transactions take up to 72 hours to be processed.I sent poker stars an email wanting to know why it would take 72 hours to make a cashout that I wanted to
  15. Yeah I will take it but its a little dissapointing. Also Wandigo I would like to thank you again.
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