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  1. and just messing around about that.$20/hr is a sick price. Wish I had time to play donkaments. GL with your students.
  2. Then the first time you ship something you can send me half, since I paid for the coaching.
  3. No clue. Didn't watch any of it. Ship the 10 though. Mercury by 4.
  4. So your saying u can post and try to get as much action as you want and then before the game decide that u want to get rid of some of it? I was done with this topic and u should just stop cause everytime u post u make yourself sound like more of an idiot. Can't believe I am watching overtime of a WNBA game.
  5. But seriously guys, lets not make this thread a joke. I was gonna post some stuff along with what Tucker did, but dont want to derail it. Lets get it back on track. I will derail it though if a certain somebody doesnt go up on the banned list in the OP. Thanks.
  6. lol. Ill take Indiana at the 5.5 for 10 if you want a sweat
  7. Basically, if you would have came in and said something as to why you cancelled it, then maybe it would be legit. You didnt say a damn thing. Basically, you are just a douchebag degen. GL
  8. So in his post it says. I want the Panthers+8.5 upto 100. Nowhere in there does it say I will confirm. I would have put it out there myself if I would have seen that. And he said he cancelled it cause he doesn't know me. He didn't just cancel with me, he cancelled his whole bet. Deleted the whole post. So obviously it had nothing to do with me having the action, he just didn't like his bet anymore. And as for confirming the bets, it hasn't been like that for months. And as for if he didn't trust me, a few posts up is a post about me sending somebody too much money. LOL. Basically he made a bet
  9. You try to make points but they aren't working. You talked about shipping before all u had to do was ask. You just cancelled it with no cause. No pm, no nothing. Nothing changed in the game besides Barber being definitely out. Basically, I don't care if u don't pay it, but everyone pretty much agrees with me and you are the one looks like the shadeball.
  10. Yea, I put a post up after the game and then see all that. Maybe if I was pm'd and he had a legit excuse, but nothing. Its kind of whatever, not going to hunt the guy down for 50 bux. Either he pays it or pretty much banned from betting in here is what I would say. But yea, PSU and WSox, throw your input out there.
  11. You put the line out. I took it. There was 2 lines up there and I took yours because u had more posts than the other guy and I have seen you bet before. Pretty much if u put something out there and someone takes it, you cant really go and take it back an hour later.
  12. Just saw all that. Like the popcorn. Pretty sure u cant do that Ship.
  13. uhh. Won 4 bets but lost 2 FF matches by 2 pts. Had Romo and Jones on one and Witten on the other. Ship to TheBest1(H) on ftp
  14. yea, u were right, for some reason I thought I had over in skins game. Just ship the 10 back next time your on. No hurry
  15. oh ok. That Tennessee game ruined my weekend. Would have been a good one. Had quite a few bets on that game
  16. For the weekend, I have-30 to WSox+10 to Strippers+15 to KkotIf anyone has it differently, let me know. TheBest1(H) on ftp for those shipping. Ill ship to u on Stars Wsox
  17. Im trying to find in the posts where we bet the Rams game. I dont see it anywhere. If u could quote it. I just had us betting the 2 $20 games together and pushing
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