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  1. TheBest1(H)Looking for Broncos+3 vs Steelersupto 50EDIT: Booked
  2. Kobe said he is going to just ship to me and should account for u guys as well. If not, let me know.
  3. Yea, was just saying that I would take double the action on the niners since u both wanted it. All the bets were good/
  4. GL Ill take all the action on the niners game. Both of your bets are in
  5. Saints/Panthers Under 52Seahawks-10.5 vs LionsTitans +4.5 vs 49ersChargers+5 vs GiantsCowboys+3 vs Eaglesall games up to 25
  6. Jaguars-7 vs ChiefsRavens-3 vs BengalsRavens/Bengals under 45.5Packers-10 vs BucsBears-3 vs CardsFalcons-9 vs SkinsColts-8 vs Texans
  7. BB, Serge, and PSU pretty sure its 20 each for you guys.TheBest1(H) on ftp
  8. didnt even read your post. Its all good PSU, u can do 10 or 20. Just put what u want before the game. If it starts we'll just consider it 10.
  9. Texans-3.5 vs Bills(100)Colts-13.5 vs 49ersBears vs Browns over 40Cardinals-10 vs PanthersRaiders+17 vs ChargersUpto 50 each except 100 on the TexansEDIT: Have this cross posted so I will remove if taken on other site. I will NOT cancel any bets that are taken though.
  10. I saw that the other day. They look like a new site and are trying to just generate a lot of action. Maybe, if not, I have no clue
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