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  1. Do you play at Trump or the Resorts, because I played at the Trump pretty much the whole summer and never ventured over to Resorts, because I was doing well at Trump. I just wanted to know if there were any other good places to play around the area and which one you felt had the best card room in East Chicago?
  2. V Tech by at least 3 TD's. Vick runs for 2!!!!
  3. Dude just asked me to spot him money on stars told him i didnt play there so he asks me if i know anyone who does. He wants me to give my buddies sn's. This guys a ****ing nut.
  4. Your going to buffet tonight so are you from CHicago, if so do you what poker rooms do you play at?
  5. Just because you took a big hit in one session dont go crying like a little girl. If Pacific gave you 500 lets see some proof. And I highly doubt that Pacific will be shut down next week.
  6. Its called a good run of cards. Never happened to you before?
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