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  1. Anyone else have trouble when they cashed out. I cashed out 300 and somehow they only put 200 in my account. Called but there not open on weekends.
  2. Goto Trump or Resorts. If you want to play in a big NL game Trump has a 1500 minimum game usually only on Fridays and Saturdays though
  3. Speed7using no BR managment....playing any game open, come find me.these guys playing are morons
  4. I've seen a lot of people saying that there playing 1-2 NL with the free money they got. 50 bucks isnt really sufficient to sit down with at that table, just wondering if anyone is actually using BR Managment on that site. And if someone wants to donate money on there it wouldnt be a bad idea, lots of terriable play.
  5. How long ago did you sign up?Signed up last week, I heard the promotion is over, but might as well try it anyways.
  6. people just throwing money around on there. Try it out.
  7. just got my free 50 going to try and do something with it now. Try the site out I mean shit its free money.http://www.pokerfantasy.com?ref=451568
  8. Pretty good site starting up. It says my free bonus is going through right now and you get double your first deposit up to 200.Try it outhttp://www.pokerfantasy.com?ref=451568
  9. Yea theres no direct buy in to this tourney, there making money off of it cause you only get one chance and then after that you need to accumalate points to get in another satalite. The big tourney is on Dec. 3.
  10. Whens the next Midwest event going to be. Ill be in town(Northwest Suburbs Chicago) this whole week so let me know if any games are going on.
  11. Lasted it out, was in about 4th with 25 left dealt aces guy goes all in have to call. He has QQ hits Q on turn. Was cripled down to 40,000 with 26 left. Lasted it out and with 16 left was in big blind which was 30,000. Started with 59,000. Got AJ and a raise into me. Had to lay it down. Next hand get 33 and luckily I was watching other table cause some guy was all in. FOlded my 3s and he busted out. Now free chance at a million. Anyone else qualify for this yet.
  12. anyone in it right now. 600 left in 34th, have some work to do to get in top 15.Name is Speed07
  13. Good luck man, take out Deeb, especially if he is wearing one of those stupid ass shirts agian. Johnson? WTF??!? :-)No, it's Jackson...THe writing on my chip bag was probably messy.Anyway, thanks all for the support. Hopefully I can double up early tomorrow and be able to be in contention. As it is, the only move I have available to me is al in or fold at the moment. With 8x the BB, I can't make a raise other then all in. Deeb us at my table with a huge stack, and Josh Schlein on my left is SDouble from Stars (good player, very aggressive).Oh, and I also agree - very nice Miss Idaho. :
  14. Where is the best place to get a good bonus right now?
  15. Anyone know of any good bonuses for Pokerstars new player signups right now?Or which site has the best bonuses going on right now...
  16. Pretty sure no free booze there either. Most casinos besides Vegas do not serve free drinks. Actually that is the only time that I have actually ever gotten free drinks in a casino. I have played in casinos all over the Midwest and never once gotten a free alcoholic drink. Does resorts?
  17. Jose Contreras= second half Cy Young.Were not dead yet, still 1 1/2 up.GO SOX!!! That's far as hell!this guy's complaining about the MIDWEST. St. Louis is the censored MIDWEST.I'd like to politely disagree with that statement. If it weren't for Chicago, the midwest the most boring region in the USA. Chicago puts the midwest on the map, so to speak. It is the hub of our country.IMO, STL is a censored-stop en-route to Chicago.P.s. Da Bearsp.s.s Next year for interleague they should schedule the Cards vs the White sox, since i highly doubt the Sox will meet them in the World Series anymore...F
  18. If your looking for free booze, trump isnt the place. They'll give u anything other than booze for free.
  19. They definately are sticky, start getting some of the green and black ones there not too sticky.
  20. Just to be clear.. the trump will always spread a 2/5 game? I chose resorts for some reason and ended up playing 5/10 500 max..way over my BR.. fared ok but would rather play 200 max so I don't play scurred..Yea they have a 2-5 game going all day and all night. The only time there isnt at least 2 tables going is from about 3 in the morning til about 10 in the morning.
  21. Trumps NL game is pretty good. On the weekends all the real players move up to the 5-10 NL game with 400 min 1000 max and the 200 max NL is just swamped with fish. Its all the newbies who maybe won a tourney or something like that in their home game and think they can play. During the week there is some fish but mostly the same people. I played there all summer and made a good amount of cash. There are some good players who stay in that game. And if your looking for a big stakes game they have a 1500 min. game on friday and sometimes saturday nights. They were strictly holdem in the be
  22. The resorts is what Harrahs used to be. Harrahs bought The Horseshoe and cant have 2 casinos that close so they changed it to the Resorts. They have a 500 max buy in nl game. Pretty sure minimum is 200, dont know I always play at Trump.
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