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  1. dont even worry what their doing just keep sitting there 2 will be out soon enough, for some reason on this computer its not letting me log in, but im registerd for the million, Speed07. Watch out.
  2. its pretty hard to **** up when your the chip leader, dont mess this one up man, lets have some FCP resprent at the toureny
  3. gl man, im already in the big show, ill come sweat u for a bit
  4. is this full or can i still get in it, let me know
  5. I have a full head of hair, but my roomates use it and it works to preserve and get a little back
  6. I'm going with 3.... stacked is nowhere near from what ive heard.
  7. With all of my experience of playing in Vegas, I have never been carded playing poker, but always get carded going to a blackjack table. Unless your a complete ******* at the table there not going to ask you for your id if u look at least 18-19.
  8. Heres a link if anyone wants to get in.http://www.pokerfantasy.com?ref=451568
  9. Summer, im moving out there, let me know
  10. 2/5 Live NL, 3 max buy ins. Usually only bring 2 with me, but brought that damn ATM card.
  11. 75%cash game100% tourneycan bring some people if u want trout.let me know
  12. is it kirby vacuum's. Cause one of my buddies use to sell those. Not a bad job if your a good salesman.
  13. Are u guys still playing the 19th, cause if so ill probably be in. I come bak to the burbs on the 18th so let me know.
  14. Wow... the cardplayer updates made it sound like its going to be a great tv final. cant wait to see it.
  15. is this dude really only 18 or is his profile ****ed up on espn.com?
  16. could have bet 40, but a 35 bet on the turn still gets called though with flush draw.
  17. Get the white, red, blue, green, black combo.white .25red .50blue 1green 5black 25I do the greens 2 and the blacks 5, seems to work pretty good when we play the .25/.50 blinds.
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